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Summary: How to Start a Startup (YC)

startup, programming, guide, VC, founder

A summary of blog posts, videos and podcasts from Y Combinator accelerator on how to successfully start a startup. Condensed to the bullet point format, covers topics like finding product/market fit, hiring, raising money, competition, growth and anything else you might want to consider.

COVID-19 European Investor Status List

VC, startup

OPEN SOURCE - Fully editable and shareable by anyone. Please use sensibly.

HW Startup Business model list

startup, hardware, technology, finance, VC

Are you thinking of building a hardware startup? 🛠️ Here you can find a list of recent hardware products (successful and unsuccessful) which will help you choose the best route to market and business model.

Questions VCs may ask you

VC, startup

I’m a former founder who’s reviewed over 30,000 pitches as a General Partner at Hustle Fund and as a former Partner at 500 Startups. This is a list of questions I regularly ask early-stage founders in order to decide whether or not to invest.

African Investors

Africa, VC, fund raising, capital, investment

African startup investors list including contact details


VC, startup

A list of VCs doing early stage investing.

VC funds at / below $200M in size (new funds raised since 2011)

VC, startup

Information was gathered by Shai Goldman, contact me at @shaig if you have any firms to add or corrections to be made

List of VC/Angel Blogs

VC, startup

• anyone can contribute to the list • add your blog if you are a blogging VC or Angel• only personal blogs should be added, no company/corporate blogs• this Google Sheet is open to everyone, you do not need special rights to edit• try to provide as much data as you can (let's keep the data clean)• you are free to use the data from this Google Sheet in anyway you like• please share this Google Sheet in your social media (let's try to make it go viral)

VCs + Angel Investors

VC, startup

Steve's LinkedIn: VC's and Angels - I've had several requests to add more firms to this list. If you'd like to be added, send a message via LinkedIn above.