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👩‍🏫learning - 🟧Sourceful

COVID-19 "Don't Go Crazy" list

covid19, resources, fun, useful, coronavirus, quarantine, movies, shows, games, arts and crafts, learning, books, podcasts, tips, music, art, mental health

List of Things To Do and Resources To Stay Sane While Quarantined During COVID-19

The Ultimate Go Notebook

programming, learn to code, go, golang, learning, computer science

The first draft release of the Ultimate Go Notebook is ready for review. This version of the book I am releasing for free in exchange for reviews/comments on the content. #golang The idea is to add more to the book like, generics, modules, etc.

Let's get more girls into coding.

programming, learn to code, parenting, learning, software, gender

A list of organizations making the world of code more accessible - some focus on "girls", some target all children/all ages If you are interested in a specific course, please contact the organization directly.

What are the arguments against free will? | Essay

philosophy, quil, learning, free will, ethics, essay

What is free will? An essay contains arguments for and against free will. The notion of free will is one of the defining features of humanity and arguably the most important in the philosophy of action.

How to Learn CS + Become a full-stack web Software Engineer

software, learn to code, programming, learning

Learn CS and How to be a Software Engineer - data structures, algorithms and beyond

Is Panpsychism a good solution to the mind-body problem? | Essay

philosophy, quil, panpsychism, mind, body, learning, essay

Overview of panpsychism - history, arguments for and against and future outlook. It is one of the oldest philosophical theories, and has been ascribed to many philosophers. Panpsychism has been suggested as one of the possible solutions to the hard problem of consciousness.

Actor Workshops

acting, art, theatre, classes, learning, movies

Actor workshops, classes and course. Keep tagging and I'll keep adding.

Investing 101

investing, finance, guide, learning, how-to, learn how to invest

Stock investing 101: why should you invest, power of compounding, volatility, terminology and more. Investing is for ALL!

Intro to Analytics Guide

learning, data analytics, analysis, guide, software

This is an intro to analytics learning guide. This is a collection of training resources, links, books and practical advice in the field of analytics and data science. It is meant for people interested in learning more about analytics or data science as a career. The goal is to help people looking to transition from an analyst to a data scientist position. Or from a different field altogether into analytics.


data, engineering, learning, data science, analytics, software

Lecture note on the basics of data engineering, covering * data formats (row- vs. column-based, text vs. binary) * ETL * batch processing vs. stream processing * training datasets WIP. Feedback much appreciated