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🌹️ socialism - 🟧Sourceful

Anti-tankie resources and notes

socialism, resources, history, society, politics, economics

Modern use of the term “tankie” varies widely but tends to refer to those who white-wash or fully deny the crimes of both historical authoritarian-communist regimes and current tenuously socialist regimes. According to The Guardian, "tankie" is a term for Stalinists. The epithet has stuck because tankies also supported "sending the tanks in" in cases such as Czechoslovakia 1968 Prague revolt, Afghanistan 1979, Bosnia and Kosovo/a (in the case of the Serbian state), and so on (whereas the rest of the communist movement has gravitated towards anti-militarism). This document is a selection of trusted sources with information about socialism to make denialism, apologism and historical revisionism more difficult.

Resources for understanding Cuba and the Revolution

geography, Cuba, Americas, travel, history, guide, socialism

The goal of this doc is to provide resources tailored to an anglophone audience that outlines a history and political analysis of Cuba that addresses some of the gaps in information that exist.

DPRK Reading guide

reading, North Korea, socialism

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea reading guide

Socialism in the 21st Century (v1.0)

politics, socialism, resources

A selection of resources about socialism

Congressional Democrat Tracker: Leftist Edition

politics, USA, House of Representatives, socialism

A list of all the democrats in the House of the Representatives, with their votes on the major issues and "leftist" rank.

Anarchist/LibSoc Projects

politics, socialism, anarchism

Anarchist/LibSoc Projects


politics; constitution, government, 7C Constitution, Our Revolution, Bernie Sanders, socialism, alturism

The 7 Concepts Constitution Based on Love and Altruism, By Rick Loll. A new revolutionary Constitution in the works since 1992, and greatly expanded til' today, with over 500 rights. We need a new type of government system that truly listens to the people with a streamlined people controlled council, We need to replace the corrupted governments and oligarchies. This is version 4.1, and is a reference for the newer versions, 4.2 and 4.3. Let The People Of Earth Have Their Say, Let Everyone Be A Leader Everyday, The People's 7C Council Is Our Way, Because We Are All Great In Every Way Changes For Good Will Never Come Through Punishment. Heaven Will Only Come By Loving Others Through Forgiveness. Your World Is Now Destroyed Through Personal Retributions. Your Own Complacency Rewarded You With Tyranny. Harming And Punishing Others Only Harmed Yourself. Acting On The Outside Only Destroys You From Within. But Forgiving From Within, Reflects Your Life From Without.