Yuumi guide for teamates

A quick guide on how to play with Yuumi

League og Legends
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Yuumi guide for teamates

A quick guide on how to play with Yuumi

League og Legends

Welcome to a quick presentation on how to play with an Yuumi on your team!

IGN @RealVadzim

League EUW Book Cat Go Brr

Looks like your support has picked Yuumi! It might be be writing this, Book Cat Go Brr or some other OTK Yuumi player using this presentation to inform you how to play with Yuumi and help you gain those League Points!

Champions to play with Yuumi in Solo Q

These are the most ideal champions

These champions are highly mobile or has a lot of poke and pressure in the early game, which makes up for my early weakness. Other champions like Fiora and Viege are just as good, but they’re relying more on getting fed, otherwise you’re wasting my potential.


Champions you should never pick

I mean, go ahead, but Kalista’s Black Spear won’t be of any use, unless you’re willing to sacrifice me to the enemy team..

Decent champions to pick

Basically any other champion goes well with me, unless you’re some kind of suicide freak.

Let’s begin with my passive and runes.

Unless I’m some kind of maniac, I’ve probably taken the Summon Aery runeparth with the shards shown to the left. Those runes with my passive: Bop 'n' Block, makes me able to shield you and keep annoying the enemy team with Q's, that they wish they were against a Teemo instead.

I’m going to jump off sometimes to hit enemies, to activate my passive, SO DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND IF YOU FEEL THREATENED OR BETRAYED!!

The table underneath shows my CD (cooldown) on my passive, so expect me to jump off and hit the enemy champions around those timer, if we’re playing aggressive!

While I’m attached to you and use Q, a blue indicator will show up and it’s now your job to make the enemy champions appear in that circle and I will do the rest.

AND YES! IT IS WORTH MOVING 2 FEET TO LAND IT. The damage while empowered is massive, especially around level 3 and 4, so please don’t let me down.

And If you don’t feel it does a lot of damage physically, it will do a lot of damage mentally, if we keep landing them!

Cast a projectile that damages enemies. If hit multiple times, it causes mental damage.

Q Ability

Annoying Flying Thing

It’s empowered 99% of the time anyways:))

W Ability

You and Me! is my bread and butter. It attaches me to you, so I’m untargetable. Yes, you are more likely to be targeted, but think of it as a Lulu R on you, just healing and more less frightening.

Just don’t forget if you die, the odds of me surviving is one to almost none.

And no, I’m not making a sandwich while sitting on you. At least not in ranked games.


E Ability

It’s a plain and simple heal, with some extra benefits. It costs me a massive amount of mana, so don’t expect me to be a healbot, but more as a leech who has the ability to save you, while granting you movement speed and attack damage.


So stop blaming me for not healing you if my mana dropped to 0 after 2 heals or I wasn’t even there:(

R Ability

Final Chapter lets me cast 7 waves of DEATH, and if it lands 3 times on an enemy, they’ll become rooted. This (sadly) doesn’t stack up, so smack ‘em while you can!

While casting I can heal and detach you, but not use Q or change the direction of Final Chapter once it’s casted.

Summary of bottom right corner: Hell breaks loose.

Thanks for reading my presentation!

Lets hope you read every slide and now know all the information to play with Yuumi! The game should be a walk in the park if you read everything. If you have any questions or concern please speak up in either champion select, lobby chat or in team chat once we get into game.

Yuumi guide for teamates
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Published 11/09/2021, 02:37:54