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VIBE CHECK Masterlist

A beginner's guide to sex toys within the $20-80 range. This is not by any means an exhaustive list, rather, it can help gather inspiration for your next vibrator.

This started out by my friend asking for a list of vibe recs, and I expanded it to all anatomies (though most of the toys are geared towards labia owners), and including a few non-vibe toys, as well as some general information to ensure you are searching for body-safe sex toys.

sex, vibrators, guide, women, feminism, sex toy reviews, adult toys, kinky sex toys

Name Price Material Pros Cons Link Waterproof? Rechargeable?
Orchid G ABS A classic, an original, this toy has beenaround and I know so many peoplewho had this as their first tried andtrue vibe. Just a bit loud link
Butterfly Bliss $29.00 Silicone dildo reviewvibrating dildos Any vibrator that has like, an animal onit is a no-go for me personally but it is acute lil butterfly|catalog1200005_5||18|c|0|-relevance|toy_category|0
Thumper Vibrator $34.95 ABS Classic, uncomplicated,some wavy things goingon for stim in and out Battery operated,might not be as powerful?
Lovelife Cuddle Mini $59.00 Silicone/ABS Described as large enough for G-spotstim, small enough for external play! 90 min charge time for 40min play time|catalog1200005_158||5|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibe $59.00 Silicone Comparable with We-Vibe in quality,this brand has a lot of great options.A petite G-spot vibe that can reach thegood parts but not be clunky for external Idk people have said that the buttonscan be a bit harder to find when you'redistracted during play but it hasgreat reviews|catalog1200005_37||1|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Je Joue Classic vibrator $59.00 Silicone My current one so I had to give it a shout-out. Really rumbly vibe which is surprisingfor a bullet, quick charge time, prettyunobtrusive making it ideal for partner sex The lower/slower settings feel morelike a thud-thud-thud than arumble-rumble which isn't bad butmanage your expectations yanno
Mr. Boss Battery+ Hybrid $89.99 Silicone Brand has a great track record,a basic but quality vibrator thathas good curve for G-spot stim Gotta purchase the rechargablebatteries add-on for that :/ Also kindof yikes "skin tone" colors but thereis a pink option|catalog70002_gv004||129|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Rave G-Spot Vibrator by We-Vibe $119.99 Silicone YOU CAN CONNECT WITH THEWE-VIBE APP AND MAKE YOUROWN VIBRATION PATTERNS HOWmodes so you can go to town without So expensive but it's so cool I hadto include it :(|catalog70002_gv004||40|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Blue Venus Waterproof Vibator $24.00 ABS Had to give a shout-out. Used to bemy fav vibrator. It has a dial so intensityis really adjustable, has a little nub forreal pinpoint stim and a hood for more So after reading reviews it seems like~1 out of 15 breaks within the first fewmonths, but at this price I'd be willing togamble. Mine lasted a year so there|catalog1200005_3||26|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Flutter Wand $28.99 Silicone/ABS It's a mini wand! Still packs a punch,but is more portable, and quieter.And the design is oh so cute! Idk bunny ears might be a turnoff butthey're removable for cleaning or adifferent sensation|catalog1200005_3||8|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Satisfyer Pro 2: The Next Generation $49.95 Silicone/ABS Meant to simulate oral, ooh lala! The Next Generation makes me thinkof Star Trek (Maybe a pro?) And ingeneral I've heard mixed results on ifin achieving orgasm, which of course
California Dreaming Hollywood Hottie $59.99 Silicone/ABS IT'S SO CUTE AND YELLOW!!!! Alsoergonomic, almost like a computer mousemeaning no hand crampsfrom long funtimes I've had some issues with other vibesthat have that type of charge port,like it's behind the silicone and itcan be hard to find the tiny charge|catalog70002_gv004||34|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
The Original Magic Wand $64.95 Vinyl/ABS A classic. Powerful, will get the job done,lots of attatchments for the headavailable for extra fun Not the rechargable version!You will be tethered to a wall.Also pretty loud, but it's sopowerful you might not care|catalog70002_gv004||2|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
BE ONE Finger Vibrator $69.99 Silicone/ABS Ergonomic as fuck. Fits right between yourfingers, get the feel ofmanual masturbation know,doing work. Ideal for having in one hand If you want vibrations that will covermore labia surface area, it's not for u :( link
Peace Vibrator $76.00 Silicone/ABS Cute and small, reviews say the 'ears'are versatile (and bendable!) so youcan tailor it to your pleasure! ??? Seems kinda wacky but I like it|catalog70002_gv004||66|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Tango Mini Vibrator by We-Vibe $80.00 ABS Had to include as it's a fan-favorite.Petite enough to not get in the waywith partnered sex, powerful enoughto do the job on your own. Expensive!!!!!!! Also one buttonso if you want to change the patternor intensity you gotta gothrough all of them|catalog70002_gv004||5|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
10-Function Rabbit Vibrator $39.99 Silicone Slim sleek rabbit!Nice gender neutral colors Reviews said its a bit buzzy, not a badthing but depends on ur preference :o
Nirvana 350 Triple Stimulator $49.95 Silicone A lil bit of everything! Treat yo self Battery operated, might not fitevery anatomy
50 Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Mini $59.99 Silicone Okay so 50 shades=ugh. But their sexbabeland, etc. and this is the first siteI saw which has the mini version so it'smore affordable and still packs a punch! If ur a size queen/king this
Enchanted Bunny $67.99 Silicone/ABS WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE! It vibrates,rotates, AND has rotating beads insideexpensive models have. ALLL thestimulation Reviews said the vibration is a littleweak, but there's a lot going on there so|catalog70002_gv004||161|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Infinitt Rotating Dual Massager $69.95 Silicone/ABS Who doesn't love some dual stim??Vibration and rotation babey youget the best of both worlds Reviews said there's no instructionsexcept what's on the box :o
Happy Rabbit Triple Vibrator $119.00 Silicone/ABS I was excited about this one becausethe anal part is beaded so you getthrice-as-nice time alllllll over Expensive|catalog1200005_5||5|c|0|-relevance|toy_category|0
Petite Sensations Bubbles/Petite Sensations Plug $30.00 Silicone/ABS A nice butt plug, plus the vibe part is in asleeve so you can use whatever bulletyou want, or have a vibeless butt anduse the vibrator elsewhere! Idk could be a gamble if you don't knowyou're into butt stuff?|catalog70002_gv004||27|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
My 1st Surge Vibrating Butt Plug $39.95 Silicone A basic butt plug, but it also has a vibe! Has a cord from plug to battery packwhich might be awkward to work with link
Your Highness Vibrating Dildo $44.00 Silicone This is marketed for both vaginal and analpenetration! Its got a nice flange, whichalso makes it harness compatible! For those who might be inexperienced,it might seem a little intimidating asan anal toy and a bit underwhelmingas an internal vaginal toy.|catalog70002_gv004||115|c|0|-currpop|toy_category|0
Valentino Vibrating Silicone Anal Toy $54.00 Silicone What? In your butt! A pretty regularshmegular shape but it has a vibe!ooh la la I've used other toys from this brand thatcome with the same mini vibe and I'vefound it to be very buzzy which I don'tjive with, but you can insert any|catalog1200005_200||6|c|0|-relevance|toy_category|0
B-Vibe Rimming Plug $150.00 Silicone COOOL!!!! Rotating beads at the base, Also has a remote control!! AHHHH!!!!simulate rimming and give lots ofunique sensations. Has both beadsand a vibrator at the tip for so much stim! https://www.babeland
VIBE CHECK Masterlist
Tags Sex, Vibrators, Guide, Women, Feminism, Sex toy reviews, Adult toys, Kinky sex toys
Type Google Sheet
Published 06/07/2109, 10:14:08


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