Justice For Jin

In this document we are going to talk about several issues concerning BTS member Kim Seokjin. Some of these issues regard Jin’s line distribution, screentime, treatment regarding his visual position, emotional abuse and so on.

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Justice For Jin

In this document we are going to talk about several issues concerning BTS member Kim Seokjin. Some of these issues regard Jin’s line distribution, screentime, treatment regarding his visual position, emotional abuse and so on.

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Treatment of BTS Jin


In this document we are going to talk about several issues concerning BTS member Kim Seokjin. Some of these issues regard Jin’s line distribution, screentime, treatment regarding his visual position, emotional abuse and so on.

2013-2016 Kim Seokjin lines and screen distribution

Jin was street casted as a Visual member for BTS (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) while he was pursuing a career in Acting. Jin had no prior experience singing or dancing, he auditioned at Big Hit to be an actor. Big Hit Entertainment, however, made him a trainee for BTS with the condition that he would be allowed to act once BTS had reached new heights.

It was known that Jin had no experience in dancing or singing, but was allowed to debut in a Hip Hop Kpop boyband with only 2 years of training! Please note, he was not given any other special training like the other members, he was purely taken for his Visual.

From 2014, when the group debuted, BTS mainly focused on hip hop/rap style songs, and Kim Seokjin was given the least lines in the songs. Despite being a Visual, the cameras never focused on him in the music videos because they would focus on the member that was singing or rapping only.

Jin was said to have a unique colour that would suit ballad songs more than the group’s hip hop songs. However, even in ballad songs like “Rain,” he was only given 10 seconds of lines. Which makes this statement by the PD hard to believe, especially since he has proven himself to be extremely talented in various different song genres.

House of cards- A purely ballad vocal-line song. Jin only has 29 seconds in the whole song. Wasn’t it said that his voice was supposed to fit those songs by one of the PDs?

Image 1, 2: House of Cards Line Distribution

Butterfly- Another ballad song in which he gets the least amount of lines, despite his voice being best suited for this kind of song.

Image 3: Butterfly Line Distribution

Starting Songs

During one of the group’s concerts, Jin even said he had to tell BTS member and producer, Suga, that he wanted to start a BTS song. The song “Dead Leaves” is the only song that starts with him, but again, he only has 10 seconds of lines. On top of that, Jin only has a total of 1 song that he has ever started in the whole BTS discography. Now we have SuperstarBTS, a rhythm game, where only the first few minutes of the song are played and in most songs, we do not hear Jin’s voice.

Image 4: Jin asking to open a song in the future on stage

Throughout BTS’ entire discography, Jin has only started 1 song in total while the member with the most has started 31 songs. The other vocalist who has the same position as Jin, V, has started a total of 12 songs while Jin only has 1. This is completely unfair to Jin.

Image 5: Who starts the songs? (2013-2018)

Line Distribution

Jin has consistently had poor line distributions in BTS songs since debut despite making great strides in his singing abilities every comeback. Regardless of remarks from PDs that his “vocal color suits ballads,” his line distribution was poor in ballad songs as well. This leads us to believe that the statement from the PD is untrue.

Jimin, the lead vocal, even said that Jin’s vocal color fits any genre. Jimin called him the “main vocalist” during the Love Yourself tour. Jungkook, the main vocalist, called Jin the “main vocalist” during Season’s Greetings. Even Bang PD said he was surprised at the level of studying Jin did in music (note: Jin took initiative and got a vocal trainer outside of Big Hit). Jin himself has voiced his desire to sing more in BTS songs. But, as of 2018, there have been only a handful of songs where Jin was able to get a fair amount of lines. Why is this?

Image 6: Jin’s Line Distribution Ranking on all BTS songs until Wings

Jin’s Line Distribution in BTS Music Videos

Love Yourself: Her Album Line Distribution

Jin has the least line distribution in the entire Love Yourself: Her album

Love Yourself: Tear Album Line Distribution

Jin has the second least line distribution in the entire Love Yourself: Her album

Love Yourself: Answer

‘IDOL’ Line Distribution

Jin has the least lines in the title track (8 seconds, 4.74%)

Not Today. A song that was released from the Wings album that is mostly rap based had the worst line for any group in kpop; Jin was given a measly 4 seconds. Also, the Music Video failed to show him in the entire 4 minutes. Fans were outraged and asked for feedback from the company by using hashtag #빅히트_분량_피드백 only to be blatantly ignored by the company which proceeded to put out multiple vlogs and SNS messages of Jin to divert the attention of fans and the issue entirely. We shouldn't forget the amount of fans and fansites he lost because of this mistreatment.

Image 7: Not Today Line Distribution

Blood, Sweat and Tears: A record breaking song that was very aesthetically made. This is said to have Jin in the main character role in the Music Video. But once again, he gets only 10 seconds of line only at the end which are shared among 2 members. So in reality, he does not sing in the entire song of the studio version. Is BTS a 6-member group?

Spring Day: Another song from the Wings album which continues to make history on Korean music sites. In the studio version, Jin only gets 30 seconds of lines in a song of 4.30+mins. But the lines changed in the live version. Why? If the live version could fit Jin’s voice then why didn't the studio version have similar line distribution? It seems Jin had to bear the burden of singing more lines in the live version without getting the credit for it in the album. This is the only BTS song that has a very different line distribution in the studio vs live song. If his voice color wasn’t well suited for the song, why did the line distribution change on stage? This just proves that Jin is capable of singing more in BTS songs, but he still lacks a fair share of lines.

Image 8, 9: Spring Day Studio vs. Live Line Distribution

Screentime Distribution

As the official Visual of BTS, Jin gets very poor screentime in music videos and commercials as well. Furthermore, when he does get some screentime, the camera does not stay on him for very long. Very often, fans find that his individual solo shots last less than 1 second.

Image 10: J-hope talking about Jin being the Official Visual member of BTS

Image 11: Jin acknowledging his lack of screentimes in a Bangtan Video

BTS - ‘DNA’ Screen time Distribution

Jin, the official visual of BTS, gets the second last screentime.

BTS - ‘Mic Drop’ Screen time Distribution

Jin gets the least amount of screentime.

BTS - ‘IDOL’ Screen time Distribution

Jin gets the least amount of screentime with approximately only 3 seconds worth of solo screentime.

Jin also gets very little screen time in BTS commercials. Examples of such incidents include: Lotte Duty Free, Puma, etc. We believe Big Hit is capable of utilizing their official visual better and hope the company does so in the future because the current situation is unacceptable.

Lotte Duty Free CF was filmed and directed by BigHit Entertainment’s own staff, which is even more disappointing that screentime was not distributed fairly or utilized to show the official visual more.

Awake MV Release

Awake, a solo song/MV that was written, co-produced, and performed by Jin, had a rather strange issue during its release. Firstly, it was released later than the tentative time much to the disappointment of fans. Then, instead of getting released on Youtube where it is easily accessible to a lot of people, it was released on Vlive (an app exclusive for kpop artists) which doesn’t have nearly as many users as YouTube. This led to much confusion and backlash from the fans. Again, this issue was ignored by the company like they usually do regarding issues about Jin.


It has been noticed on multiple occasions that during BTS concerts, especially during medleys, Jin is barely shown on the screens even when he is singing the few lines he has. The main focus is always on the younger members.

We would also like to bring to attention the songs chosen always seem to have the least lines for Jin, and because of this, he sings very very little during that time.

During the Love Yourself Tour, Jin had to share his VCR screentime with Suga while other members had the opportunity to have long, solo VCRs even though Jin was the supposedly the main character of the story. Based on VCRs alone, anyone would conclude the main character of BU was another member who got a very extravagant VCR.

Additionally, concert goers complained that since Jin and Suga are shown on either side on the screens, those that are seated on the other side do not get to see one of the two members clearly.


As mentioned, Jin was pursuing a career in acting from one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, Konkuk UNiversity; where the acceptance rate is 200:1 and Jin was selected amongst the tough competition. This background is necessary because the movies/skits that were made for Festa (a festival, celebration for ARMY) he was given rather minute and mute roles like a banana, a clock, and an ARMY lightstick where there was never a scope of performance nor talking. His role was limited and he was never given a proper platform to showcase his skills on purpose. This hurt Jin as well, since he mentioned how low it was that he got such a role. Yet the company repeated this the following year as well, completely disregarding Jin’s requests and wishes.

Justice For Jin
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