[Template] 5E D&D Character Sheet (Tintagel) v2.8

Dungeons & Dragons 5E character sheet

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[Template] 5E D&D Character Sheet (Tintagel) v2.8

Dungeons & Dragons 5E character sheet

D&D, games

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DO NOT REQUEST EDITING RIGHTS TO THIS. I will delete the email. Instead, read the directions below. This sheet REQUIRES you to have a Google account, preferrably gmail.com. To make your OWN copy, use the link in the green box below or the blue Use Template button in the top right corner (if it's visible).

NOTE: If you click the link below and get an error, it's because your organization won't let you access it. Instead, log in with your personal Gmail.com account.

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There are 5 sheets to this spreadsheet: this instructional sheet, the Front, the Back, the Spell Sheet, and the Linked Master Spell List, which is a list of spells that makes it easy to pull into the Spell Sheet by simply checking the Known box in the Master Spell List tab. Follow directions on each sheet.

See the tabs below to access them.


Note that you need to print each sheet separately (Front, Back, and perhaps Spells). When you print, you MUST set the print options to:

Portrait, Fit to Page, Narrow Margins


The sheet is generally unlocked but some cells have formulas that calculate values. These cells are all highlighted in Green and should generally be left alone unless you know how to use formulas. The ● (Dot) symbol is used to indicate proficiency or Yes. Some skills include a multiplier, such as x2 or .5 - these correspond to the Expertise trait (where you add double your proficiency) and Jack of All Trades trait (where you add 1/2 your proficiency) to skills. An x means you have disadvantage on the skill - usually due to armor.


To use the Spell Sheet effectively, first, go to the Linked Master Spell List tab. Then check the boxes in the Known column for each spell that you wish to add to your spell list. All spells checked will show up under the proper spell level in the Spell Sheet tab. You should Delete/hide or Insert more rows to accomodate more spells. Just right-click in the table and choose Insert or delete row as needed. This sheet assumes you are using standard vanilla 5E spells. If you wish to use custom spells: ● Use the link in the top of the Master Spell List tab to go to the original list and make a copy of that spreadsheet ● Go back to this sheet and in the Master Spell List Tab, double click on cell B3 (Level) ● Edit the formula to use the URL for your new spell list instead of the one in the formula. It should read: =importrange("___your new URL here with quotation marks____","Master Spell List!A3:Y") Also, Hide any rows that don't apply yet (like higher level spells). Click+Drag row numbers to select multiple rows. Then Right-click on a selected row and choose Hide Row.


Feel free to make your own personal changes or adjustments. Email me at [email protected] if you want to share ideas or changes.

To stay up to date with changes, please join this Google Group:


Change Log:

Version: 2.91.1 (Hotfix)

● Fixed Bugs ➜ Fixed HP calculation (again) - wasn't calulating to main HP tab! ● Added Variations to the Variations tab ➜ Added Adam Harb's variation ➜ Added Nic's variation

Version: 2.91

● Sheet Errors & bugs ➜ Fixed HP calculation on Front page for 2nd-4th classes. It was doing max hp for first die - should only get that on 1st class. - (thanks to several people) ➜ Fixed contitional formatting formula for encumbrance - was referencing wrong cell - (thanks to several people) ➜ Fixed Animal Friendship spell - incorrectly didn't list WIS save in the column (thanks to R. Furman) ● Added Variations tab with links to other versions and sheets. Email me to have yours listed. ● Tweaks (thanks to C. Ravenwood) ➜ Adjusted spell attack calculation to be neater ➜ Tweaked Other Modes of movement to be more in line with first two ➜ Adjusted alignment of current HP to be closer to max value ➜ Swapped position of Con and HP columns in CLASSES section to avoid confusion. Removed CON total in table ● Included clearer directions for using your own spell lists on the README tab (this one)

Version: 2.9

● Inventory & Coins (thanks to S. VanDerLoo) ➜ Added calculations for coin types & total wealth for valuables+coin. ➜ Added a few more rows for backpack space and valuables. ● Class List (thanks to M. Waldorf and J. Hatfield) ➜ created pull-down list of classes with auto-calculating hp and HD. ➜ Modify the blue cells in the Data tab to add your own. ● Armor List (thanks to M. Waldorf and J. Hatfield) ➜ created pull-down list of armor and shields with auto-calculating AC and stats ➜ Modify the blue cells in the Data tab to add your own. ● Cleaned up some IF nested formulas with Match command and added some instructions on page 2 for special bullet list and tracking characters (thanks to M. Blank) ● Some changes for those who use the sheet actively during play (thanks to C. Dodd) ➜ Split HP field to help track current hp ➜ Added Used box in spell page to track slots used ● Added space for more movement types

Version: 2.8 - HUGE UPDATE

● Updated README ➜ Created Google Group and link for users to join in order to receive updates to the sheet! See link in yellow, above. ➜ Added Version Checker on Readme to automatically notify you if your version of the sheet is out of date. ➜ Updated instructions on README tab ● MAJOR CHANGES to Master Spell List tab ➜ Added Slicers and to easily Filter spells by level, ritual, class, known, etc. ➜ Added Checkboxes to Master Spell List Tab, allowing you to check Spells Known (T. Fiola) ➜ Fixed Earth Tremor (save for 0) (C. Lee) ➜ Fixed Poison Spray (save for 0) and added source & page to spellsheet (H.Smith) ● MAJOR CHANGES to Spell Sheet - See Spells instructions above for details. ➜ Now automatically populates with Known Spells. (R. Theriault & J. Beck) ➜ Added prepared spells column that counts number of prepped spells. (T. Fiola & J. Beck) ➜ Created Named Ranges for Spell DC and Spell Attack fields for easy recall in formulas (C. Dodd) - if you create additional spell sheets, be sure to create new Named Ranges for those yourself. ● Updated Front Sheet: ➜ Added checkboxes for ammo and death saves (removed graphics) for digital users (A. Dietrich & C. Dodd) ➜ Added dropdown boxes for Hit Dice Types and auto-calculation of HP based on selection (C. Dodd) ➜ Shifted Downtime, HD, and Death Saves to be more flexible and easy to use for other metrics as desired. ➜ Merged feats, languages, special abilities and other fields to better support multi-line data. Included instructions for using ALT+Enter to create more lines in a field. ● Updated Back Sheet ➜ Merged magic items, misc possessions, additional class info, and misc info fields to better support multi-line data. Included instructions for using ALT+Enter to create more lines in a field. ➜ Corrected conditional formatting for encubrance & adjusted colors (A. Trevor)

Version 2.71:

● Fixed "Deity" Spelling. Allowed for CON & other stats to be used on Spell Sheet. Thanks to L. Block for the tip!

Version 2.7:

● Fixed medium armor Dex mod in AC calculation (thanks to Ryan M for catching it).

Version 2.6:

● Added Passive Investigation to front page (suggested by Clara L.) ● Added Prep spell amounts to 2nd page. (suggested by Clara L.) ● Multiclassing Spellcaters: Since the top is tailored to a specific caster stat and level, I would advise duplicating the Spell Sheet for each spellcasting class. Also, you will need to modify the formulas on the spell page to calculate your caster level correctly. ● Clarified some verbage on the README tab. ● Added Change Log to README tab. :-P

[Template] 5E D&D Character Sheet (Tintagel) v2.8
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