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Anarchist/LibSoc Projects

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Anarchist/LibSoc Projects

Anarchist/LibSoc Projects

politics, socialism, anarchism

Existing Autonomies:

Rojava in Syria

Zapatistas in Mexico

Barbacha in Algeria

Cecosesola in Venezuela

Fejuve in Bolivia

Marinaleda in Andalusia, Spain

Puerto Real in Andalusia, Spain

Spezzano Albanese in Southern Italy

Villa de Zaachila in Oaxaca, Mexico

Cherán in Michoacán, Mexico

Zomia in Southeast Asia

Freetown Christiania in Denmark

Twin Oaks Community in Virginia, US

Existing Movements:

Exarcheia in Greece


Black Rose Federation

Cooperation Jackson

Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka

CIPO-RFM in Oaxaca, Mexico

Barcelona Squatters Movement in Spain

Abahlali baseMjondolo In South Africa

Zone to Defend in France

Tsimihety people in Madagascar


Haudenosaunee Confederacy

Chilean Uprising in Chile

No TAV in Italy


Anarchist Union of Iran and Afghanistan

Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front in South Africa


Green and Black Cross in UK

Anarchist Black Cross

Black Anarchism

Black Anarchic Radicalism/Anarkata

Workers’ Solidarity Alliance

Bandilang Itim in Philippines

Historical Autonomies:

CNT-FAI in Spain

Regional Defence Council of Aragon in Spain

Free Territories of Ukraine

Paris Commune

Tsimihety people in Madagascar

Strandzha Commune in Bulgaria

Morelos Commune In Mexico

Soviet Republic of Soldiers and Fortress-Builders of Naissaar in Estonia

Guangzhou City Commune in China

Korean People's Association in Manchuria

Shanghai People’s Commune in China

Horizontalidad in Argentina

People's Planning in Kerala, India

Life and Labor Commune in Moscow/Siberia

Olympia Commune in Washington, US

Historical Movements:

Russian revolution anarchists

Japanese anarchists

Indian anarchists

Magonista rebellion in Baja, California

Limerick Soviet in Ireland

Patagonia Rebelde in Argentine

Kronstadt Rebellion in USSR

APPO in Oaxaca

Symphony Way Pavement Dwellers in South Africa

Indignados in Spain

Gezi Park Commune

The Occupy movement

FRAP in Montreal

Diggers in England

Magonistas in Mexico

Autonomists in Italy

The Boston anarchists

Bash Back! In US

FAI in Italy

Zengakuren in Japan

FORA in Argentina

Arditi del Popolo in Italy

People’s Park in Berkeley, California


Miners' Movements (FOI/FOL/FOT) in Bolivia

Anarchist/LibSoc Projects
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