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GeorgeFloyd Protest - police brutality videos on Twitter

A list of c1k videos of police brutality caught on video

police, protest, anti-racism, data

Creator: Las Vegas @greg_doucette Counts: 28 Sept 26 Sept 18 Sept early Sept 28 August 26 July 24 July 19 July 16 July 12 July 7 July 5 July 3 July 30 June 29 June 27 June 23 June 22 June 21 June 20 June 18 June 17 June 16 June

Curator: @jasonemiller mp4 1276 1276 1261 1236 1131 1111 948 900 887 863 854 817 806 777 745 733 695 666 654 632 599 581 570 556

Alternate URL for sharing png 686 686 686 674 587 607 522 511 503 445 434 411 399 384 370 360 336 288 274 258 247 235 216 196

Visualization by @maaminian incidents 958 958 954 946 911 897 829 806 801 767 767 738 731 710 692 686 662 631 610 595 569 552 541 530

Archive of Videos/images by @DeutscheDogges length 1994 1994 1979 1942 1750 1750 1501 1442 1421 1344 1324 1264 1241 1196 1150 1128 1066 989 963

TGD Number City State Tweet URL Video/Image Filename YouTube Doucette Text Twitter Date Twitter Time (PDT) Incident Date Incident Time (local) Lat Lon Google Street View

0 Minneapolis MN Greg Doucette #0 - Minneapolis MN.png bodycam footage has been released of the extrajudicial summary execution of George Floyd. It's somehow even worse than folks thought. 25 May 2020

0.01 Hawthorne CA Greg Doucette #NA - Hawthorne CA.mp4 Pre-cedes the #GeorgeFloyd murder, so not getting a number. Nearly a dozen officers with guns drawn 200601 5:10:00 PM

0.02 Bass River NJ Greg Doucette #NA - New Jersey.png -----NA----- Another pre-protest reminder, this time out of New Jersey, that unchecked police violence has been a common occurrence for awhile 200607 7:09:00 AM

0.03 Bristol UK Greg Doucette #NA - Bristol UK.mp4 [copyright] British police choosing to value life over property. Radical concep -- "Whilst I am disappointed ... I do understand why it’s happened" Supt Andy Bennett from @ASPolice on the toppling of the Edward Colston statue... 200608 4:54:00 PM

0.04 Decatur AL Greg Doucette #NA - Decatur AL.mp4 not assigning a number b/c it's pre-protest, but back in March a liquor store owner called police to report a robbery. Police promptly beat him on arrival. Today the police chief claimed the owner was reaching for a gun. But there's video... 200608 4:14:00 PM

0.05 Desert Hot Springs CA Greg Doucette #NA - Desert Hot Springs CA.mp4 Another widely-circulated video that's actually old. This one is from 2018, in Desert Hot Springs CA. Not numbering since it's not directly protest-related but highlights routine normal daily police lawlessness 200606 2:09:00 PM

0.06 Fairfax VA Greg Doucette #NA - Fairfax VA.mp4 Another non-protest example of run-of-the-mill police brutality. Fairfax VA officer brutalizes a guy who's clearly having a mental health challenge. The officer has since been charged; the bodycam footage was released yesterday maybe? [@DeepNotion2] 200608 4:48:00 PM

0.07 Orange Couty FL Greg Doucette #NA - Orange Couty FL.png -----NA----- "The purpose of the curfew was to prevent the further spread of COVID19"? πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ 200608 4:50:00 PM

0.08 Walla Walla WA Greg Doucette #NA - Walla Walla WA.png -----NA----- Apparently @WallaWallaPD deleted their entire Twitter account rather than deal with @waitmanb's expertise πŸ˜‚ 200608 7:24:00 PM

0.09 San Antonio TX Greg Doucette #NA - San Antonio TX.png -----NA----- Pre-protest so not giving it a number, but just to remind y'all that the abhorrent police behavior we've seen these last two weeks is entirely normal and happens every day 200610 6:43:00 AM

0.1 Los Angeles CA Greg Doucette #NA - Los Angeles CA.mp4 Not assigning a number to this because it was pre-protests (27 April 2020) and I'm keeping this particular thread for protest-related violence. But it's a vivid reminder of the daily police brutality that ppl didn't realize is normal 200606 10:05:00 AM

0.11 Los Angeles CA Greg Doucette #NA - Los Angeles CA.png -----NA----- Update on this unnumbered pre-protest video: the officer has finally been charged because of the social media uproar: The guy he was beating senseless was homeless. 200610 6:46:00 AM

0.12 Fairfax County VA Greg Doucette #NA - Fairfax County VA.png -----NA----- Another reminder that casual police violence is an everyday thing in America. Cop culture is thoroughly rotted. `Virginia trooper who texted to his brother that he coughed on Mennonite driver "so he would spread Corona to the wedding they were going too. lol." has resigned. Brother is on trial for the murder of a Mennonite woman which is how the text came to light.' 200610 12:00:00 AM

0.13 Warren MI Greg Doucette #NA - Warren MI.mp4 [copyright] not protest-related so not assigning a number, but Warren police arrested an Amazon employee mid-delivery for the heinous crime of "parking the wrong way". [@champagnesocia8] 200611 7:22:00 PM

0.14 Tulsa OK Greg Doucette #NA - Tulsa OK.png -----NA----- another non-protest story so not assigning a number, but Tulsa cops grab kids from behind, tackle one to the ground, handcuff + arrest + search them, for the high crime of jaywalking 200611 7:24:00 PM

0.141 Tulsa OK Greg Doucette #NA.1 - Tulsa OK.mp4 Bystander footage of the Tulsa OK jaywalking arrest above [@ABCWorldNews] 200611 7:41:00 PM

0.15 Columbus OH Greg Doucette #NA - Columbus OH.png -----NA----- Not assigning a number here since it's not protest-related police violence, but still very yikes. Republican state senator Steve Huffman – an emergency room physician! – blames COVID-19 on "the colored population do not wash their hands" 200612 7:30:00 AM

0.16 National Greg Doucette #NA - National.png -----NA----- Tying in a separate megathread, this one containing nearly 200 studies showing systemic racial disparities in policing. Downwards arrow Downwards arrow Downwards arrow 200612 6:10:00 PM

0.17 Los Angeles CA Greg Doucette #NA2 - Los Angeles CA.png -----NA----- Los Angeles, CA: not protest-related so not assigning a number, but the dedicated police force for the Los Angeles unified school system got *3* grenade launchers, several dozen rifles, and an MRAP (seriously) 200612 6:20:00 PM

0.18 Williamson County TX Greg Doucette #NA - Williamson County TX.png -----NA----- Williamson County, TX: pre-protest so no number assigned, but a Sheriff's deputy kills a man for sport by suffocating him to death. When told he couldn't breathe, the deputy replied "I don't care". And it was apparently filmed by reality TV show LivePD 200612 7:49:00 PM

0.19 Port Washington WI Greg Doucette #0.19 - Port Washington WI.mp4 not a cop so not assigning number, but random white guy decides to block traffic to harass women. Clown face: "You're all fat, stupid ... I hope you get raped by a black guy." Full video on Facebook. [FB:] 200613 9:06:00 PM

0.2 Albequerque NM Greg Doucette #NA - Albequerque NM.mp4 [CW: shooting death] pre-protest so not assigning a number, but a reminder of how insanely violent cops have been for years. A call was made about a homeless guy at a bus stop. An entire police squad shows up and wastes him. [@Imamofrebellion] 200614 7:43:00 AM

0.21 Carrolton GA Greg Doucette #NA - Carrolton GA.mp4 pre-protests so no number (January 2019), but yet another example of police using an excessive and violent response to minor annoyance. [IG:] 200614 1:17:00 PM

0.22 Lexington KY Greg Doucette #NA - Lexington KY.mp4 [copyright] Not protest-related so not assigning a number, but yet another reminder of how police will abuse literally

GeorgeFloyd Protest - police brutality videos on Twitter
Tags Police, Protest, Anti-racism, Data
Type Google Sheet
Published 20/02/2021, 23:26:06


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