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Music for Streamers - @musicforstream on Twitter

A spreadsheet with a list of music labels with music you can use when streaming. Also includes guides around how not to get a copyright strike.

music, streaming, copyright, games, Twitch


Hello! Thank you for checking out this database that I have put together! It has taken some hard work and many hours on Twitter to collate all this information. There are a few things that I want to address:

**** DISCLAIMER ********By opening this link and using any of this database for your stream you acknowledge that the author is not liable for any claims or strikes that are issued to you on your Twitch account. This information is all researched however, laws, permission, and information changes.

1. Remember that DMCA are handled by third parties in some circumstances. Just because you have permission does not necessarily mean that you won't recieve a strike.

2. Your VODS might still be muted as there is a software in place online that checks streams for particular music.

3. You need permission from bands, artists and record labels to use their music. However, song writers, producers etc can still issue a copyright claim. You never know where the claim is going to come from if there is going to be one.

4. Support independent artists - check out the genre tabs that I have put in this database, a lot of these artists are independent!

5. You're technically not meant to be using Spotify to stream music - I chose to include Spotify because it's the easiest way to listen a band :)

6. CREDIT YOUR MUSIC - add a !music | !song command - find a player widget that suits you

7. This music has been given "sync license" (permission from artists / labels) and therefore permission is only for Twitch at this point

8. Use your discretion when deciding to use music on your stream

9. If permission was given publically it is lnked in the artists / labels name

Labels currently working on whitelisting releases:

* Rude Records

* Paper + Plastik

* Sharptone

*Fearless is looking into how they can provide music for streamers

Music for Streamers - @musicforstream on Twitter
Tags Music, Streaming, Copyright, Games, Twitch
Type Google Sheet
Published 11/01/2021, 02:25:30


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