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GE2020 Manifestos by We, The Citizens

A comparison of each political party taking part in 2020 Singaporean general election - listed by issue

politics, Singapore, 2020, election

People's Action Party Workers' Party Singapore Democratic Party Progress Singapore Party Singapore People's Party Reform Party Red Dot United People's Power Party People's Voice Singapore Democratic Alliance National Solidarity Party

COVID-19 (and potential future pandemics) - Increase test-and-trace capabilities - Invest in R&D for treatments/vaccines - Ensure everyone get can items like face masks - Improve public hygiene through SG Clean - Support and equip healthcare professionals - Free in-patient treatment at public hospitals - Establish new norms of safe interaction for daily living - Form an independent medical advisory board to make public and private recommendations to the government's medical team - Medical figures should front everyday behavioural advice to the general public - Expand COVID-19 testing regime to include more widespread community testing (while prioritising communities at higher risk of infection) - Leverage domestic biomedical R&D and manufacturing to ramp up production of test kits - Regular third-party privacy audits should be conducted regularly on TraceTogether and results be made publicly available to reassure public of robust privacy protections - Free COVID-19 vaccinations to all Singaporea residents (beginning with most vulnerable) whenever vaccine is available - Improve public communications so that there aren't major rule changes on a daily basis - Convene independent Commission of Inquiry to examine lessons learnt from COVID-19 and institutionalise changes to the current preparedness strategy, plans, and protocols (public should be allowed to comment on the plan before it's finalised) - Develop domestic manufacturing capabilities for critical items needed to deal with a large-scale outbreak (eg. face masks, ventilators, diagnostic test machines, PPE, etc.) - Proactively gather information overseas about disease outbreaks, leveraging diplomatic, economic and other assets overseas - Collaborate with international organisation on vaccine and therapy development, share modelling data, contribute aid to affected countries

Ageing - Community Network for seniors to provide support - Free entry for seniors to public gyms and pools - Matched Retirement Savings Scheme - Enhanced Silver Support - Silver Housing Bonus and Lease Buyback schemes - Work with local enterprises and government-linked research centres to promote the use of productivity-enhancing technology amongst care service providers - Boost retirement adequacy for unpaid workers (like full-time home-makers and caregivers) by relaxing rules on the transfer of CPF funds before the age of 55, as long as the Minimum Sum has been met, so one can transfer to older relatives in one's extended family - Silver Living Development Scheme to increase the number of affordable, privately-run assisted living facilities - Create options for inter-generational solidarity and living, including senior and child-care facilities within the same premises with shared activities - Public transport on trains and buses should be free for Singaporeans aged over 65 - Double the quantum of the Silver Support Scheme cash supplement, distributed monthly instead of quarterly - Quantum should be regularly reviewed to track increases in the cost of living - Those who qualify for the Silver Support Scheme should also have free travel on public transport - Seniors’ benefit for over 65s of $500 per month - Urgent attention should be given to our aging population’s needs for more beds, medicine, medicinal facilities and qualified healthcare workforce

Climate / Environment - Deploy more solar panels on rooftops and reservoirs - Convert food waste to energy at Tuas Nexus - Reduce greenhouse emissions - Plant 1 million trees and new mangrove areas - Add 200 hectares of nature parks and 140 hectares of city parks and gardens over next 5 years - Every household to be within a 10-minute walk to a park - HDB Green Towns programme for sustainable living - Remaking Heartlands programme to rejuvenate heartlands - Strengthen coastal and inland flood protection - Increase local food production - Targeting a minimum of 10% of our energy to come from renewable sources by 2025 - Introduce a single-use plastic charge, phased in over 5 years - Styrofoam should be banned where there are eco-friendlier alternatives - Prohibit the manufacture and sale of rinse-off cosmetic and personal care products containing micro-plastics, phased in over 5 years - Incentivise and mandate motorists to switch to electric vehicles; the target is to have 25% of cars on roads be electric ones by 2030, 50% by 2040 and fully electrified by 2050 - Accelerate the installation of solar panels in public spaces, significantly increase R&D funding on solar projects, buy renewable energy from other countries, and collaborate with neighbouring countries to develop clean energy - Regulate the escalation of our population size - Firmly enforce the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act by prosecuting business entities operating in Singapore that are linked with companies engaged in forest-burning in Indonesia - Significantly upgrade Singapore's Nationally Determined Contributions that we signed under the Paris Agreement to lower and eventually remove harmful emissions - Prohibit corporations from manufacturing products that depend on single-use packaging and inculcate among our people the desirable habit of recycling - Mandatory public disclosure to be made for all SGX-listed companies on their carbon emissions portfolio, investments in carbon-intensive operation and resources, and a roadmap to divest from them - Environmental Impact Assessments to be made mandatory for development, particularly for construction works taking place near national parks or nature reserves; reports should be made available to the public - Widen the scope of the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme to include all waste streams (on top of electronic waste and packing waste) - Aim to reduce absolute emissions, with a target of 40% by 2030, to reach as close as possible to net zero in 2050 - Introduce a Respond to Climate Change Act to coordinate actions required to reach net zero in 2050 by requiring ambitious green targets and actions from government agencies, GLCs, town councils, etc. - Respond to Climate Change Act would also see a substantial increase in public spending to support the mandate and also fund research, and also to create training and employment for those who have lost jobs as a result of climate change measures - Provide incentives (like tax breaks) and expert training and guidance for the purpose of adapting and retro-fitting existing buildings, instead of demolishing them and rebuilding - Phase out HFCs in air-conditioning units in favour of refrigerants with lower global warming potential, better servicing and repairing of existing HFC units - Provide a household green grant for HDB residents wishing to adopt greener air-con units, or maintain existing ones - New builds should conform to a strict new code in relation to embodied carbon of materials - Introduce education and guidance to encourage reduction of waste and a new relationship to rampant consumerism - Introduce composting into the waste cycle, and add community composting sites - Invest significantly in renewables, including reliability of battery storage - Expand adoption of point-to-point electric car share clubs - Reduce COE to 5% of its current rate for car owners who exchange a petrol/diesel engine vehicle for an electric one - Reduce COE to 10% for car owners who buy an electric vehicle (without changing from a previous petrol/diesel vehicle) - Redesign streets for safe family-oriented cycle routes and a network of cycle highways, with free parking for bicycles - Temasek and GIC should make the companies they invest in commit to ceasing investments in fossil fuel and other damaging industries, change weighting of their portfolios to majority investment in low carbon industries by 2025 - Change the charging metric for buses, to encourage more people to use public transport (schoolkids from kindergarten to 16 should get passes to take the bus for free, same for citizens over 65, and those with special needs or other conditions that make it difficult to drive) - Currently working on policy for carbon pricing - Invest in and incentivise the switch to clean energy - Study the feasibility of renewable energy, but ensure that mega projects don't create environmental problems - Concerns about nuclear energy; feel that solar energy would be more feasible - Scale back the rapid pace of deforestation in Singapore and increase the pace of programmes to plant trees - Increase public education into Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Push for a reduction of waste from households and businesses, implementing waste management schemes and sustainable neighbourhood recycling programmes - Support the move towards more energy-efficient public transport like electric vehicles - Better enforce the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act to mitigate air pollution problems

Cost of Living - Care & Support Package for daily costs - Instead of multiple schemes for COVID-related relief, channel financial support through a stored value acount for each citizen (so people can see the full amount of support they are receiving) - Set up single portal across government so citizens and companies can look up the support they have received as well as the schemes they might be eligible for with links to application forms - Cut ministerial pay to fund assistance schemes for the poor

CPF - Singaporeans with balances that execeed Minimum Sum should be allowed to withdraw a reasonable percentage of the excess during COVID-19 - CPF Payout and CPF Life eligibility ages should be lowered to 60 - Government should notify CPF members on the 10-year moving average difference be

GE2020 Manifestos by We, The Citizens
Tags Politics, Singapore, 2020, Election
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Published 18/01/2021, 20:17:43


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