COVID-19 Sex Worker Harm Reduction Resources (U.S. Based)

Resources for sex workers such as links related to health, covid-19, working online, financial security, mental health & disability, allies

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COVID-19 Sex Worker Harm Reduction Resources (U.S. Based)

Resources for sex workers such as links related to health, covid-19, working online, financial security, mental health & disability, allies

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Sex Worker Harm Reduction Resources (U.S. Based)

This document will be continually updated every few days, so check back soon for more information! SWers, share freely. If you wish to cite this document in a news article/major media outlet, please contact @malanasqueendom on twitter for more information.

New Note 6/5/20: This was originally a project done through the organization COYOTE RI. However, the executive director has been racist toward me (the Black woman who wrote this document), plagiarized my work, and harmed others in and outside of the organization, so I am now editing it and updating it outside of the COYOTE name.


1. General Resources

2. Reproductive & General Health & COVID-19

3. Working Online

4. Financial Security

5. Mental Health & Disability

6. Full-Service Sex Work

7. International Resources

8. For Allies

General Resources

Note: Coronavirus is no joke. Do what you can to flatten the curve now, rather than weeks or months from now when it's too late [link]. If you can afford to stop working, do it now. If you can't, consider transitioning to online work and only do in person sex work as an absolute last resort (no shame, no stigma, just stay as safe as possible).


COVID-19 Harm Reduction

If you need help getting tested, here is a state by state guide [link]


1. Use Cetaphil or other fragrance free lotion to prevent cracks/cuts from forming

2. Fragrance free still matters for people, especially if people are experiencing respiratory issues [link]

3. If you’re home/houseless, this is often difficult if not impossible--this is on the system and not on you! Don’t shame people if they can’t do so

2. If you can't wash, use sanitizer

1. Consider giving extra hand sanitizer to a person experiencing homelessness

3. Try these holistic immunity boosting tips for COVID-19 [link]

4. UPDATED: the U.S./CDC is now recommending all folks wear a mask to reduce transmission

1. Handmade masks free + shipping for sex workers by Chasey Devil [links]

2. Make your own mask DIY zine [link]

5. Practice social/physical distancing (less physical contact)

1. Domestic violence rates go up during times of crisis. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233 [link]

6. Wipe down surfaces that have frequent use but infrequent cleaning (doorknobs, phones, etc.)

7. If you have mail or have something delivered, wait 72 hours before touching it. In other words, quarantine your packages!

8. Stay hydrated!

9. The Risks (an immunologist breaks down COVID risks and what to do) [link]

10. Read up on the latest updates from the WHO and the CDC

Note: If you would like more information on mutual aid resources, how to prep, surviving quarantine, etc. see COVID-19 Disability Community [link] (made by the same person as this document and also listed again later)

COVID: Sex Work Specific

1. Corona-Virus: What Sex Workers (and Everyone Else) Should Be Aware of Now [link]

2. SWOP USA Sex Worker Health Precautions and COVID-19 [link]

3. Free Speech Coalition Adult Industry Coronavirus Advisory [link]

4. Butterfly Project and Maggie's Sex Work COVID-19 Guidelines [link]

5. Strip Club Closures from Racks to Riches [link]

6. Coronavirus and the Club: Adapting to New Conditions from Rags to Riches [link]

General SW Harm Reduction

1. SWOP USA Hotline: 877-776-2004

2. St. James Infirmary Sex Worker Resources (including Occupational Health and Safety Guide) [link]

3. SWOP Chicago’s The Ultimate Guide to Safety, Health, and Well-Being for Sex Workers [link]

Reproductive Health and COVID-19

General questions:

1. All Your Horny Little Coronavirus Questions, Answered [link]

2. COVID-19 Potential Fallout for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights [link]

3. Sex, Gender, and Relationships Hotline 415-989-7374 [link]

4. Coronavirus survey: America’s new health habits [link]

5. Covid 19 Information Station [link]

Family Planning

*some links use gendered language

1. Coronavirus and Fertility [link]

2. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding [link]

3. Coronavirus and Pregnancy [link]

4. Free Condom At Home Delivery List [link]

5. Quarantine resources for kids [link] NOTE--I would NOT continue with one on one playdates as this document suggests, but so many other kid-focused resources on this document are really valuable


1. What People with HIV Need to Know About the New Coronavirus [link]

2. Latest Advice for People Living with HIV [link]

Working Online

Some Basic Online Options

1. VXPages [link] ---HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! VXpages provides an online mentor to set you up. They include building and hosting their websites, live streaming, monthly subscriptions, payment processing, protecting your content from being stolen all in one package. This is key to sex workers who are new to online work and have to make the change quickly.

2. Digital Sexwork Platform Information [link]

3. List of Sexting/Phone Sex/Camming Jobs [link]

4. FanCentro Preparation for COVID-19 [link]

5. COVID-19 Changes Hustle by Allyson [link]

SWers Offering Guidance

1. Ramona Flour @RamonaFlour [link] --help with VXpages

2. Jessica Starling @J3ssicaStarling [link] --online SW consultations for people who do/did in-person SW

3. Eva Sterling @MsEvaSterling [link] --NiteFlirt Assistance

4. Arabelle Raphael @ArabelleRaphael [link] --Only Fans Starter Videos

5. Ashley Fenison @thirdeyeash [link] --general online SW advice for people starting out

How-To Guides

1. Going Digital Video with Melissa Drew [link]

2. Online SW Starter Guide by @J3ssicaStarling [link]

3. Camming Tips: Do’s and Don’ts and Mistakes to Avoid [link]

4. Camgirl Toolbox [link]

5. Cam Girl Problems on Reddit [link]

6. Digital Sex Work Platform Information [link]

7. The Insanely Large Guide of How To Become a Cam Girl [link]

8. Maximizing Your Slut Impact: An Overly Analytical Guide to Camgirling [link]

9. Webcam Startup [link] --guides on starting up camgirling, selling clips, selling homemade porn, selling adult Skype videos, etc.

10. OnlyFans Starter Guide [link] --NOTE: this is the only paid ($10) guide on here, but it was recommended by Racks to Riches because of its quality and you’d be supporting freakin awesome Black SWer Elexus Jionde

11. Desperate Times Call for Kinky Measures: How to Make Money as a PSO [link]

12. Phone Sex University [link]

13. Where to Sell Nudes [link]

14. Make Money Selling Nudes [link]

15. Future of Sex [link] --not a how-to guide per say, but has lots of information on digital sex and sexuality, including online sex work and remote sex toys

SW Friendly Website Hosting Options

1. Red Umbrella Hosting [link] (SW run)

2. Red Cloud Hosting [link] (SW run)

3. Reviews of NSFW-Friendly Web Hosts [link]

4. List of Adult Web Hosting Providers (focus on specs and prices, not sure about privacy of each one) [link]

5. How to set up a website/domain as a sex worker [link] NOTE--I would NOT recommend the suggested host websites listed in this article, but other info is useful so I included it. See the hosting websites above or the Online Occupational Safety section below

Online Occupational Safety

1. Online Privacy and Security for Sex Workers [link]

2. Protecting Your Anonymity and Privacy: A How To for Sex Workers [link]

3. Removing Location Data from Photos [link]

4. Teledildonics and Security Risks [link]

5. An Honest Assessment of Wix and Squarespace as Website Building Tools for Sex Workers [link] (includes Wix and Squarespace harm reduction tips)

6. PRIVACY WARNING when using namecheap [link]

7. List of Platforms Which Discriminate Against Sex Workers [link]

In Real Life Hygiene for Online Work

1. The Best Ways to Clean and Disinfect Your Phone [link]

2. Sex Toy Hygiene Tips [link]


Financial Security

Payment Options

1. Sex Worker Approved Payment Options [link]

2. IndieBill [link] --Adult Friendly PayPal-like service specifically for clips, cams, modeling, and photos

3. Spankchain [link] -SW run cryptocurrency

4. Bitcoin GUide for Sex Workers and Their Clients [link]

5. Bitcoin and Escorting [link]

Housing/Unemployment Resources

1. Check out eviction protections where you live [link]

2. Stimulus Money and Unemployment Benefits for Self-Employed Babes by Selena the Investor Stripper [link]

3. Tenant Organizing Toolkit [link]

4. Coronavirus Rent Relief Fund [link]

5. Stimulus Package Calculator [link]

6. How Victims of Domestic Violence Can Afford Transitional Housing [link]

U.S. SWer Mutual Aid Funds

*For international mutual aid, see the international section below


1. Lysistrata (U.S.) [link]

2. SWOP Behind Bars [link]

3. SWOP Seattle [link]

4. Mutual Aid Support for Black Trans Women Navigating Sex Work [link]

5. Black Sex Worker Collective [link]

6. Molly House Project COVID-19 Relief Fund for masculine-of-center workers [link]

7. List of SW COVID Emergency Funds around the world [link]

8. Freelancers Relief Fund [link]


1. AZ: SWEET AZ (Tucson/Pima Arizona) [link]

2. CA: Sex Worker ER Grant (by BAWS) [link]

3. CA: SWOP LA Mutual Aid COVID Relief Fund [link] & Resources [link]

4. CO: Colorado Entertainment Coalition [link]

5. DC: No Justice No Pride [link]

6. GA: Black Sex Worker Survival Kits [link]

7. LA: New Orleans Emergency Fund for Workers/Artists [link]

8. MA: Whose Corner is It Anyway [link]

9. SWOP Boston [Link}

10. MD: Baltimore Safe Haven COVID-19 Sex Workers Fund [link]

11. MI: Detroit Sex Workers Mutual Aid Fund [link]

12. MN: Twin Cities Queer and Trans Mutual Aid [link]

13. MO: St. Louis COVID Mutual Aid from SWOP St. Louis [link]

14. MT: Emergency COVID Relief For Missoula Sex Workers [link]

15. NV: Las Vegas Sex Worker COVID19 Emergency Relief Fund [link]

16. NY: Emergency COVID Relief for SWers in New York (sponsored by SWOP Brooklyn) [link]

17. NY: Relief Fund for Black Folks

COVID-19 Sex Worker Harm Reduction Resources (U.S. Based)
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