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DAT | Louisiana Equine, Livestock & Pets Shelter Resources

A list of resources, links and contact details for institutions and groups which can help with equine, livestock & pets evacuation and sheltering

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Disaster Assist Team


Equine, Livestock & Pets Evac Planning and Sheltering Resources

TO VIEW this doc: if you’re on a phone: change to portrait (longways), click on the 3 horizontal dots in the top right of your screen, choose ‘doc outline’; if on a laptop: choose ‘show doc outline’ under ‘view.’ The outline really helps you navigate! To find something specific, quickly, use 'find/replace'.

Our FB link is on the first line of this doc, where you can message us, or please, TEXT ONLY for info/help, after viewing doc, to 502-457-9247 (Jenn). Or you can send an Email.

Official State & National Links

LA Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness

Address: 7667 Independence Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Phone: 225-925-7500 GOHSEP Contacts

Twitter: @GOHSEP

* GOHSEP | Facebook

* Parish Offices of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (OHSEP) Local Parish Contacts

Phone: 800-256-7036

* Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Guide

* Get A Game Plan

* Louisiana Ready

* Emergency

* Louisiana State Police

State Police Contact list.

* Louisiana LEPC | Local Emergency Planning Committees

* Day/Night Contact List

* Louisiana Gov | Facebook

Gov Twitter: @LouisianaGov

FEMA Region VI

Twitter: @femaregion6

* FEMA Region VI | FB

Louisiana Evacuation Routes

LaDOTD Phone: 225-379-1232

* Routes by zip code.

* Contraflow detail maps.

Louisiana Dept of Agriculture and Forestry

Address: 5825 Florida Blvd

Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Phone: 866-927-2476 or 225-922-1234

24-hr Emergency Hotline: 855-452-5323

Email: [email protected]


* If you cannot reach local agencies, the LDAF has a 24hr hotline open during disasters 866-927-2476. | Plan Ahead for Disasters

FEMA Mobile App Google Play Apple

Red Cross | Safe & Well

* Mark yourself safe or check on loved ones.

* "The Red Cross Emergency! App features an “I’m Safe” button that allows users to post a message to their social accounts, letting friends and family know they are out of harm’s way."

* Text: "GETEMERGENCY" to 90999 or d/l: Google Play Apple

⭐LSART | Louisiana State Animal Response Team

Address: 8550 United Plaza Blvd

Suite 1001, Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Phone: 800-524-2996

Email: Contact Form

* LSART | Facebook

* LA Equine Emergency Planner

* "You should always contact your Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness, animal control (or sheriffs office for the 27 parishes with no animal control), and then the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Disaster Hotline: 866-927-2476)."

* LSART | Veterinarians list.

La. State Veterinarian's Office

Phone: 225-925-3980

LSU Ag Center | Cooperative Extension

Address: 106 Martin D. Woodin Hall

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Phone: 225-578-4161

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @LSUAgCenter

* LSU Ag Center | Facebook

* All 64 parishes have a local LSU AgCenter Coop Ext office

LA Veterinary Med Assn | LVMA

Phone: 225-928-5862 or 800-524-2996

Email: [email protected]

* LVMA | Facebook

La Animal Care & Control Assoc

* Look up your local animal control agency.

Louisiana Farm Bureau

Phone: 225-922-6200

Email: Contact Form

Twitter: @LaFarmBureau

* La Farm Bureau | Facebook

* Find your local parish office here.

LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Address: Skip Bertman Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70803 — East Baton Rouge Parish

Phone: 225-578-9900

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @LSUVetMed

* LSU Vet Med | Facebook

* Pets and small exotics 225-578-9600:

* Horses and farm animals: 225-578-9500

* Public animal shelter for EBR Parish.

Louisiana SPCA

Address: 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70114

Phone: 504-368-5191

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @LASPCA

* LAPSCA | Facebook

Louisiana Equine Council

Phone: 337-296-6819

* La Equine Council | Facebook

Louisiana Cattlemen's Association

Phone: 225-343-3491

Email: [email protected]

* La Cattlemen's Assoc | Facebook

USDA APHIS | Interstate Regulations

USDA Service Center Locator

* Provides the address/contact info of USDA Service Center/other Agency offices serving your area.

* Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Rural Development agencies.

GVL | Extended Equine CVI

Pet Rescue and Reunification

Pet Evac Info Tips & Tricks

⭐Michelson Found Animals |

Free-For-Life Microchip Registry

⭐American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) | Saving The Whole Family

* Also in Spanish: Salvando a la Familia Entera

* Disaster planning (printable worksheets), preparing animals for evacuation, first-aid and post-disaster information.

* Video | Saving the Whole Family: Disaster Prep and Your Pets

* This is an incredible resource with separate sections for pets, livestock (by type), horses, poultry, birds & reptiles.

Download Emergency Pet Card

We suggest laminating them!

* Know what disaster

hazard/s your area may be affected by. Basic preparation applies to every potential event. However, protecting your home/property and family/animals from different disaster events generally requires more specific planning & response.

* No ID tags? Write info on a

sturdy piece of paper - fasten it to collar with clear tape OR write info, with a permanent marker, on reflective duct tape & adhere to collar. Add your pet's microchip ID number & and an out-of-area phone contact!

* Attach a waterproof pouch

to collar with ID information inside - *including an out-of-area contact*.

* Clearly label cages/

housing of confined pets with ID & contact info. Birds, rodents and reptiles should be transported in cages. Cover kennels and cages with a light cloth to minimize fear.

* Take a pic of you *WITH*

your pet (proof they own you if you're separated). Upload a copy to the cloud in case your phone is lost/destroyed. Keep prints with your vet records, with pertinent info written on back. (Microchip ID, etc)

* Keep collars with tags/

leashes by the front door - this makes it easier for Rescue Personnel to quickly evacuate your animals in the event you're unable to get back to your home. It happens. A lot. (Ideally, your animals will be *wearing* their well-fitted collars, sporting their ID tag bling...)

* If you have no small

animal carrier: cats can be moved in a pillow case - they actually stay fairly calm. Can also use for other small pets/reptiles, if you must; You can duct tape two laundry baskets of the same size, one on top of the other, cut a flap for a "door" and use a piece of string to fasten closed. You can use a Rubbermaid tote and drill holes in the lid. Or you can use a kitty litter bucket and cut air slats in the lid. Your pet will appreciate having a favorite blanket, toy or a piece of clothing you've recently worn, with them to provide comfort.

* Do *not* open car doors

until your pets are secured! Cats, especially, will bolt out of fear and can become disoriented in an unfamiliar place. Many cats end up lost this way. Likewise, *prior to* evacuation - when you're just under warning, lock your kitties in the bathroom, or a similarly secure room.

* Many reptiles may be

marked with a permanent marker.

* Have *at least* 2

evacuation routes planned and practiced!

* Hide a key in an easy to

describe location to allow Rescue Workers access to pets that live inside your home.

No collar? Use a sharpie to write your/your pets info on their belly - shave a small patch if needed. | Pets and Animals

⭐Best Friends | Pet Natural Disaster Checklist and Emergency Plan

ASPCA | Disaster Preparedness

* Special considerations for: birds, reptiles, small animals & horses

Bird Tricks Blog | How To Evacuate Parrots When You Have Seconds

* This article has some excellent and practical advice!

Petfinder | Birds: Disaster Preparedness Shopping List

Red Rover | Disaster Tips: For Reptiles and Amphibians

* Disaster Tips: For Birds

The Reptile Report | Power Outage Survival Guide for Reptile Keepers

Redding Reptiles

⭐"Use the buddy system: Exchange pet information, evacuation plans and house keys with a few trusted neighbors or nearby friends. If you’re caught outside evacuation lines when an evacuation order is issued, your neighbors or friends can evacuate your pets for you." ~ Red Rover | Pet Disaster Prep Tips (Use the 'Nextdoor' App to communicate with your neighbors.)

⭐Petfinder | Search For Animal Welfare Groups/ Shelters Near You

* Use this tool to identify animal shelters in your area — as part of disaster planning, give them a call to ask about evacuation planning.

* You can also find your local Animal Control Agency with this tool. Keep their number with your Evac Plan & important numbers!!

⭐Bring Fido

Phone: 877-411-3436

🌟Pets Welcome

🌟Pet- Friendly Travel | Includes State Parks & Campgrounds

Horse Evac Tools, Forms & Info

⭐Practical Horseman | Create a Horse Disaster Plan

* This is a great read with sound advice!

EquiMed | Emergency Preparedness - Transporting Your Equine

The Horse | Troubleshooting Horse Trailer Loading: One Step at a Time

⭐Trailer Loading Difficult Horses | Video Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

* Please practice, practice, practice!

* Spend time teaching your horse/s to remain calm amidst a flurry of activity.

* Livestock are generally easier to load… But, still, please get them used to loading. During an emergency, count on things to go *exceptionally* sideways and develop as many contingencies as you think you'll potentially need.

UF/IFAS | Preparing Your Horses for Evacuation

* This has some excellent ad

DAT | Louisiana Equine, Livestock & Pets Shelter Resources
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