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AKB48 The primer!

AKB48 - a comprehensive doc with history, sister groups, discography team members list - by @viiahns

kpop, music, AKB48, AKihaBara48, overview


the primer!

warning first of all!!!

i’m just a fan guys

please understand there’s a lot of info and members so if i get something wrong don’t come for me

team 8 not included because most of them are basically also all over other teams

not meant to offend anyone

this is for fans and for people who wants to stan them, i hope it helps

this took me decades so pls if you want to steal it be considerate at the pain in the ass this took me okay

you can share it with anyone you want<3



their history

sister groups

team a






team k

team b

team 4






graduated members






ok so first of all what the hell is akb48?

don’t worry my friend please chill don’t be aggressive, we can talk about it so take a sit and grab some popcorn!!! there’s a lot of info to process so prepare yourself to dig into the amazing of akb48!!! i’m not responsible if one of your brain cells explode from too much information, i will try to be the most practical as possible to explain okay??

you have probably seen them from a song, a member, a video or whatever and got amazed and wanted to faint from so many members but don’t worry, it’s easier to stan them than it seems!!

so yes, start to know my girlies!


AKB48 (short for AKihaBara48) is a japanese idol group created by the genius of akimoto yasushi, their producer of 99% of their songs and basically the big boss of akb

they debuted in their teather in december 8th, 2005 and later officially debuted with the indie single sakura no hanabiratachi and laaater they made their official debut with aitakatta

you are probably wondering why there are so many members, the reason why is because the idea of the group is that they will always have new members and if someone graduates there will always be someone to replace them basically like an infinite group

since there’s so many members they are divided by 4 teams: team a, team k, team b, and team 4 and additionally team 8, sponsored by toyota and team kaigai, a team of members that are in other foreigner groups

team 8 is different from the other teams, each member of team 8 comes from a different prefecture of japan, they participate in live events, handshakes and special performances in various regions of japan and internationally

they also have kenkyuuseis, that are basically trainees of the group that will be promoted to the group officially sooner or later or if not well sorry girl I DON’T MAKE THE RULES

they have their own theater in the eighth floor of the don quijote store in akihabara, tokyo, where they perform almost every day

they also have sister groups nationally and internationally and rival groups, shall we meet them?

sister groups inside japan


debuted october 5, 2008

first sister group of akb

their theater is located in sunshine sakae, nagoya

currently haves team s, team kii, team e and kenkyuusei


debuted march 21, 2011

second sister group of akb

their theater is located in the yes-namba building, in namba

currently haves team n, team m, team bii and kenkyuusei


debuted november 26, 2011

third sister group of akb

their non permanent theater is located at the nishitetsu hall, in tenjin

currently haves team h, team kiv, team tii and kenkyuusei


debuted january 10, 2016

fourth sister group of akb

their theater is located in the lovela 2 building in niigata

currently doesn’t haves any team, they have the 1st generation and kenkyuusei


debuted january 31, 2018

fifth sister group of akb

their theater is in a boat and it travels through japan, hella cool right?

currently haves team stu and kenkyuusei

sister groups outside japan


debuted december 17, 2011

first international sister group of akb

their theater is located in fx sudirman, on jakarta, indonesia currently haves team j, team kiii, team t, and academy


debuted august 8, 2017

second international sister group of akb

their theater is located in the mall bangkapi on bangkok, thailand

currently haves team biii, team nv and trainees


debuted april 28, 2018

third international sister group of akb

their theater is located in the eton centris mall, in quezon city, metro manila

currently haves team mii, team niv, team l and trainees

Team SHanghai

debuted december 3, 2018

fourth international sister group of akb

they don’t have a theater

they have team sh and trainee

Team TaiPei

debuted august 25, 2018

fifth international sister group of akb

they don’t have a teather

they have team daisy, team bellflower and team sakura

sister groups outside japan


debuted november 17, 2018

sixth international sister group of akb

they don’t have a theater

currently doesn’t have any team, they only have sgo48 members and trainees


debuted october 26, 2019

seventh international sister group of akb

they don’t have a theater

currently haves team c and trainees


still haven’t debuted

eighth international sister group of akb they don’t have a theater

currently only haves trainees

update: disbanded

their rival groups aka sakamichi series that are practically their sister groups but aren’t they are just in the same agency and are basically like a whole competence itself

there’s also snh48 who used to be a sister group but they became independent from akb in 2016 bc of legal stuff and now they have a bunch of sister groups and it’s just a mess okay

and here’s a minute of silence for all of the disbanded groups

okay now that you met them, let’s get to know more about akb!

their concept is that they are idols you can meet

they also have some sub units

they have had 57 singles, 6 albums, 13 stage albums, 4 best albums, janken sub unit songs, charity singles, music video collections, etc etc etc

they currently have had 16 generations

1st generation was announced in october 30, 2005 and formed the original team a

2nd generation was announced in february 2006, and formed the original team k

3rd generation was announced in december 9, 2006 and formed the original team b

4th generation was announced in may 26, 2007

5th generation was announced in october 6, 2007

6th generation was announced in april 2008

7th generation was announced in december 2008

8th generation was announced in april 2009

9th generation was announced in september 20, 2009

10th generation was announced in march 31, 2010

11th generation was announced in july 24, 2010

12th generation was announced in april 2011

13th generation was announced in september 24, 2011

14th generation was announced in july 2012

15th generation was announced in may 2013

16th generation was announced in december 8, 2016

1st draft generation was announced in november 10, 2013

2nd draft generation was announced in may 10, 2015

3rd draft generation was announced in january 21, 2018

akb taiwan audition was announced in october 2015

team 8 generation was announced in april 2014

okay i think you get it now

there are currently 95 members plus 8 kenkyuusei and 1 member in iz*one

they have the record guiness for the most members in a group ever

they had a group called sdn48 that performed every saturday night +18 shows, but they disbanded, anyways they were iconic and had pure bops we miss them

they have had a pretty perfect history without problems but in 2014 there was an attack to 2 members in a handshake and it was a really big mess but the man was arrested and the 2 girlies are okay now so it’s okay, but since then there’s really huge security changes

they also have had games, documentaries, dramas, radio shows, educational shows, a manga, an anime, literally everything

you will never get bored with them trust me

they are all gay and we are thankful

they have had like hundreds of reality shows till this day so i can’t name them all okay

they are the funniest group i have ever seen

all of them are so fucking cute

the group haves almost 15 years of history and hundreds of members so they don’t really even know each other that much, but generations and teams are usually really close between each other and like a family

all of them have different personalities, faces, humor, so you will always find someone who caughts your attention!!!

team a!!!

founded december 8, 2005

the first team to be ever created

their team color is pink

the first member to ever graduate was usami yuki in 2006

currently haves 19 members

they had 7 stage albums until now

adult or freedom image

original team a!!!

iriyama anna / annin

born december 3, 1995

10th generation

currently in a hiatus since she is studying abroad in mexico

she participated in a mexican TV drama called “L.I.K.E”

her spanish is so cute

bffs with kato rena

named as the smartest member in akb

her favorite drink is hot water (???)

an angel


we miss her

okabe rin / rinrin

born november 7, 1996

team 8 generation

the captain of team a

quiet baby

she’s good friends with all kanto members

hates spicy food

HER SMILE KDJFNKDV i love this girl so much


her bye bye bye makes me uwu

seriously she is so cute?

a really good dancer

her little laugh...

oguri yui / yuiyui

born december 26, 2001

team 8 generation

teacher teacher naze

her stage presence

did i already say teacher teacher naze

her smile >>>>>>

punch me on the face!!!!

in this house we respect yuiyui centering teacher teacher


majimuri gakuen’s main character

uhh,...,.., *nervous sweating*

okumoto hinano / nonnon

born october 9, 2003

team 8 generation

she describes herself as a cheerful samurai well okay


a whole baby

her favorite word is “unifying the whole country”

her previous nickname was hinanon

a GIANT baby (169cm)


she says her weak point is being arrogant but she’s a sweet baby anyways

kato rena / renacchi

born july 10, 1997

10th generation

eh, where are you looking at?

she once did her own sousenkyo

literally kisses all of her members in their lips

gay monster

hot af

AKB48 The primer!
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Published 20/11/2020, 21:14:40


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