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Memetic Tribes

Memetic Tribes of Culture War, including the alt-right. Background article:

politics, alt-right, memes, culture-war


SJAs (Social Justice Activists) End social oppression Social Justice Social Activist Kyriarchy Alt-Lite, Alt-Right, Sorters, Trumpists Campuses, Tumblr, Twitter Brianna Wu, Laurie Penny, Arthur Chu Essentialism, Normativity, Intersectionality Judith Butler, Kimberle Crenshaw, New Left

Black Lives Matter Justice for racialized people Restorative Justice African American Systemic racism Alt-Lite, Alt-Right, Trumpists, Establishment Right Protests, Campuses, Twitter Alicia Garza, DeRay Mckesson, Ta Nehisi Coates Black Bodies, Reparations, Cultural Appropriations Audre Lorde, Franz Fanon, Malcolm X

#MeToo End sexual harassment Empowerment, Social Justice Empowered Woman / Ally Weinstein level abuse Alt-Lite, MRA, Manosphere, Incels Hollywood, MSM, Pop Culture Tarana Burke, Oprah Winfrey, Alyssa Milano Toxic Masculinity, Rape Culture, Pay Gap Second and Third Wave Feminists

Gender-Critical Feminists End patriarchy Gender Equality Liberated (biological) woman Continued Patriarchy SJA, MRA Speaking Tours, Twitter Meghan Murphy, Germaine Greer, Sheilay Jeffreys Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria, Womyn-born Womyn Janice Raymond

Modern Neo-Marxists Destruction of false consciousness Class Consciousness Revolutionary Recuperation Establishment Left, Establishment Right Student groups, Zero Books, Libcom Douglas Lain, Mark Fisher, Slavoj Zizek Hauntology, Capitalist Realism, Spectre of Ideology Marxism, Situationist International, Frankfurt School

Antifa End fascism Freedom (from fascism) Militant Fascism Alt-Right, Alt-Lite, Neo-Nazis, Trumpists Protests, It's Going Down, Crimethinc Mark Bray, Natasha Lennard, Scott Crow Direct Action, Diversity of Tactics, No Platforming Anti-Racist Action, Antifaschistische Aktion

Occupy Remove the 1% from power Economic Justice Protester Police crackdown Establishment Left, Establishment Right Protests, Student groups, zines Kalle Lasn, Naomi Klein, David Graeber The 99%, Culture Jamming, Crony Capitalism Adbusters, Arab Spring

Dirtbag Left Overtake and revitalize the left Economic Justice, Progress Unapologetic Socialist Maintenance of pragamtic and centrist liberial status quo SJA, Alt-Right, Establishment Left Weird Twitter, Chapo Trap House Will Menaker, Matt Christman, Felix Biederman The Ratio, Milkshake Duck, Tankie Bernie Bros

DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) A democratically elected socialist state Economic Justice, Progress Democratic Socialist Neoliberalism Establishment Left, Establishment Right, Trumpists, Alt-Right Twitter, Jacobin, Local chapters Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, Julia Salazar, Bernie Sanders Social dividend, Calculation in kind, Cooperative Michael Harrington, Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Bros

Establishment Left Achieve social and economic equality Equality, Progress Liberal Inequality Establishment Right, DSA, Dirtbag Left CNN, The New Yorker, Harvard The Clintons, Barack Obama Welfare state, Pro-choice, Gun Control Jimmy Carter, MLK, JFK

Optimists "Enlightenment Now" (e.g. continual progress through reason and science) Reason, Science, Progress Global citizen A societal retreat to populism and fundamentalism Trumpists, Neoreactionaries, Alt-Right, SJAs Davos, Governments Steven Pinker, Hans Rosling, Bill Gates Skepticism, Scientific Method UN

New Atheists Objective truth in a post-religious world Objectivity, Secularity, Freethought Atheist Reemergence and dominance of religiosity and irrationality Christian Right, Sorters Debates, YouTube Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens Spectrum of Theistic Probability, Logical Fallacies Bertrand Russell, Charles Darwin

Street Epistemologists Spread the correct epistemic method amongst the populace Objectivity, Doxastic Openess Atheist activist Backfire effect when being too aggressive with adherents of religion Christian Right, Sorters Streets, YouTube Peter Boghossian, Anthony Magnabosco Doxastic Openness/Closure​, Socratic Method, Aporia Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris

Rationalist Diaspora Overcoming bias Rationality Applied Rationalist Unfriendly AI SJA, Neoreactionaries LessWrong, Slate Star Codex, Meetups Eliezer Yudkowsky, Scott Alexander, Robin Hanson Bayes Theorem, Effective Altrusim, Cognitive Biases Thomas Bayes, I. J. Good

Post-Rationalists Refactoring perception Insight, Interestingness Insight Pornographer The Uninterestingness of Eternalist or Nihilist Worldviews None Ribbonfarm, Twitter Venkatesh Rao, Sarah Perry, David Chapman Weirding, Meaningness, Gervais Principle James Carse, George Lakoff, Keith Johnstone

Integral Theorists "Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up" Wisdom, Holism Tier 2 consciousness Humanity stuck in Tier 1 consciousness None We Spaces, Integral Life Ken Wilber, Jeff Salzman AQAL, Spiral Dynamics, Holons Sri Aurobindo, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Sorters Aim towards the highest good Free Speech, Responsibility, Truth An Individual Loss of free speech SJA, #MeToo Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Campuses Jordan Peterson Dominance Hierarchies, Sort Yourself Out, Meta-Hero Carl Jung, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Jean Piaget

Intellectual Dark Web Considered free speech Free Speech, Viewpoint Diversity, Intellectual Humility Intellectual heterodox Intellectual orthodoxy SJA Twitter, Quillette, Podcasts Bret Weinstein, David Rubin, Claire Lehmann Viewpoint Diversity, Intellectual Humility, Tribalism Heterodox Academy

Benedictines Strategetic segregation from mainstream culture to rebuild Christendom Christian Faith Traditionalist Christian Complete dissolution of Christianity SJAs, New Atheists The American Conservative, Churches Rod Dreher, Anthony Esolen, John Horvat II Benedict Option, Liquid Modernity, Moralistic Therapeutic Deism St. Benedict of Nur­sia, Alasdair MacIntyre

Christian Right A Christian nation Christian Nationalism, Christian Faith True Christian Losing the "soul" of America Establishment Left, New Atheists, Street Epistemologist Churches, Christian Broadcasting Network Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson Moral Majority, Rapture, Family Values Evangelists, Baptists

Establishment Right Uphold traditional values in a free market society American Tradition, Meritocracy Conservative Loss of traditional values and economic collapse Establishment Left, Trumpists, Alt-Right Fox News, National Review, PragerU The Bushes, John McCain School Choice, Pro-Life, Just Say No William F. Buckley Jr.

Tea Party Reduce national debt and government spending. Fiscal Responsibility, Freedom (from government) Patriot Debt crisis Establishment Left, Establishment Right Rallies Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Amy Kremer Lamestream Media, Don't Tread on Me, Moneybombing Ron Paul

Trumpists "Make America Great Again" American Exceptionalism True American Immigration Establishment Left, Establishment Right, SJA, Antifa Rallies, /r/The_Donald/ Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Candace Owens MAGA, Fake News, The Swamp Pat Buchanan

InfoWarriors Exposing and overthrowing the globalist world order Freedom (from elites) Exposers of Truth Complete domination of the New World Order Establishment Left, Establishment Right InfoWars Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson Deep State, Crisis Actor, False Flag Gary Allen

QAnoners "The Great Awakening" Retribution Revolutionary Patriot Donald Trump defeated by a cabal of elite globalist pedohiles Establishment Left, Establishment Right /pol/, Reddit, twitter, rallies Qanon The Storm, Double Meanings, Pedogate FBI Anon

Alt-Lite Unapologetic free speech Free Speech, Western Monoculturism Western Chauvinist Death of Western Civilization SJAs, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Antifa Twitter, Gabber, Reddit Gavin McInnes, Mike Cernovich, Milo Yiannopoulos Virtue Signalling, SJWs Cultural Libertarianism

Alt-Right White Ethno-State White Ethnic Survival White Nationalist The Great Replacement Antifa, SJAs, Black Lives Matter, Establishment Right, Alt-Lite Twitter, Gabber, /pol/ Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, Kevin B. MacDonald Cuckservatives, (((Echo))), Race Realism Nouvelle Droite, Identitarians

Modern Neo-Nazis 14/88 White Ethnic Survival White Suprematist White Genocide Antifa, SJAs, Establishment Left, Establishment Right Stormfront, The Daily Stormer David Duke, David Lane, Andrew Anglin ZOG, RaHoWa Ku Klux Klan, Skinheads, Nazis

Neoreactionaries Restoration Natural Order, Civilization Reactionary Unrecoverable Social Degeneracy SJAs, Rationalist Diaspora Blogosphere, Hestia Society, Unqualified Reservations Mencius Moldbug, Nick Land, Michael Anissimov The Cathedral, GNON, Cthulhu only swims left Thomas Carlyle, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Peter Thiel

MRA (Mens Right Advocates) Social and legal equality for men Gender Equality Mens Advocate Biased legal system against men SJA, #MeToo, Gender-Critical Feminists A Voice for Men Warren Farrell, Paul Elam Gynarchy, Boy Crisis, Male Expendability Men's liberation movement, Mythopoetic men's movement

Manosphere A "Return of Kings" (e.g. a return of patriarchy and traditional sex roles) Masculinity Neomasculinist Cultural enforced emasculation SJA, #MeToo, Gender-Critical Feminists Return of Kings, Roosh V Forum, Red Pill Reddit Roosh V, Heartiste, Rollo Tomassi Game, Alpha/Beta, Rationalization Hamster Pick Up Artists, F. Roger Devlin

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) Societal and relational disengagement Freedom (from women) Detached Man Gynocentrism Manosphere, SJA, Gender-Critical Feminists MGTOW Central Bernard Chapin NAWALT, Hypergamy Esther Vilar

Incels Enforced monogamy through a "Beta Uprising" Sexual Retribution Inceldom Black pilling murder–suicide SJA, #MeToo /pol/, Reddit, Alana, Elliot Rodgers Normies, Chads/Stacys, Femoids Brian Gilmartin

Memetic Tribes
Tags Politics, Alt-right, Memes, Culture-war
Type Google Sheet
Published 25/11/2020, 20:56:10


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