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Major Finals in Esport History (20 years) by @Dorian_Costanzo

Current and historic data about Major Finals in esport. All in one doc to make it easy to analyse and share with interested people.

games, esport, data, history, sport, CS:GO, CoD, LoL

Major Finals in Esport History (20 years)

Q/A Contact To keep in mind

Why ? Mail :

[email protected] Game name

If a VOD or a replay is available, the event name will have an url.

Twitter : Event name


Winning team

(nationality) Player Even if it's a 1on1 game, the winning team of the player will be indicated here.

Can I use the sheets ? WIP (nationality) Player

(nationality) Player

Battlefield, Sim Racing (nationality) Player If you see "F/A", it means that either the player doesn't have a team or we didn't manage to get the info.

Clash Royale (nationality) Player

How can I help ?

Losing team

(nationality) Player

(nationality) Player

(nationality) Player

(nationality) Player

(nationality) Player

Anything to add ?

Use the tabs here Changelog

13/11/19 Public release

14/11/19 HoN World Finals added.

14/11/19 Trackmania added.

14/11/19 Smash Melee & Wii U added. (Thanks u/RandomFactUser)

Major Finals in Esport History (20 years) by @Dorian_Costanzo
Tags Games, Esport, Data, History, Sport, CS:GO, CoD, LoL
Type Google Sheet
Published 11/01/2021, 16:20:30


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