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💸Real Media Salaries 💸

A crowdsourced sheet with salary data points by type of a company, gender, years of experience, etc.

Talking about how much or how little money you make feels taboo, and it shouldn't. Knowledge is power and Glassdoor info is hit or miss. Wouldn't it be great to know what your peers make so you can use that to leverage a raise? Or if your company does a market adjustment yet you don't see the data, wouldn't it be great to know how accurate it is or isn't? So, let's share what we make and any relevant info to help each other learn our worth!

journalism, salaries, jobs, media, industry specific


Moved to a form response that will automatically feed info to this sheet on the tab next to this, and I'll copy + paste all info into the main tab! Please note, this is for the media industry. If you do not work in this industry, please consider starting a similar sheet! There are now sheets for advertising agencies and book publishing, as well!

Talking about how much or how little money you make feels taboo, and it shouldn't. Knowledge is power and Glassdoor info is hit or miss. Wouldn't it be great to know what your peers make so you can use that to leverage a raise? Or if your company does a "market adjustment" yet you don't see the data, wouldn't it be great to know how accurate it is or isn't? So, let's share what we make and any relevant info to help each other learn our worth!


Senior Reporter (Broadcast media) $125,000 + $6250 annual bonus Asian cis female 9 New York On-air original reporting and analysis; Writing original stories and analysis; Moderating at conferences and events Broadcast media: $104,760 / Trade publication: $63,000 / Broadcast media: $27/h / Magazine: $15/h

Bureau Chief A B2B trade publication $58,000 Cis white female 12 Los Angeles Run entire west coast bureau

Editor/Submission Manager A biotech company $114,000 Female/white 6 San Francisco, CA Editing, project management, comment adjudication

Digital Editor A Canadian magazine with international distribution $42,000 CAD Cis white male 7 Remote Oversee all publishing on website, social media. Work with print editors. Manage website updates and bug fixes. Content strategy. SEO.

Associate Photo Editor A Canadian Media Company $57,500 Male 16 Toronto

Editor-in-Chief A Canadian sports magazine $63,000 (CAD) CIS white male 7 Toronto Oversight of print and digital (including site, social, video, podcasts); management of a small staff of writers and producers. I believe starting salary was $50,000 (CAD)

Editor in Chief A Chinese Digital News Outlet $100,000 after tax Chinese Male 10 Beijing Managing team, editing, and writing

Managing Editor A community magazine $55,000 F POC 5 Toronto Overseeing a team of five editors and oversee all editorial and photo shoots required for our monthly magazine

Automotive industry reporter A Detroit daily newspaper 55,000 White 5 Detroit reporting 35,000, reporter.

Content strategist A financial institution 109,000 F/white 13 North Carolina Manage/produce editorial content 72k trade magazine editor, 65k viral video producer, 90k trade association media editor, 55k financial wire services reporter, 32k community newspaper assistant news editor

Editor/reporter A financial news service 126,000 Cis M/White 20 New York, NY Report, write, edit, train. Not supervising anyone directly.

Senior Editor A Future PLC outlet $35,000 Cis White male 7 Remote Writing editorial, news, and commerce content, editing editorial content of other writers Starting salary $30,000; previously paid per post at variable rate

Deputy Editor A Future PLC web page 66,800 Female 13

Photojournalist A Gatehouse daily 32,000 cis man/white 5 Florida Panhandle Sports, news, photo stories, podcasting, video Started at 30,000

IT support Technician A Gym franchise (I'd rather not say) $21/hr Female / White 4 California Networking, Remote control access, physical PC and Printer repairs, inventory, desktop support, phone support.. IT remote desktop support, Call center work

Web Producer A legacy newspaper $55,000 Cis white man 8 Texas Data analysis, social media, audience engagement, etc. Reporter: $40,000, $55,000; editor $40,000

Assistant Visuals Editor A magazine publisher 58500 Female, white 3 Brooklyn Photo researching, producing 1-2 shoots per month, writing credits, managing magazine's budget, negotiating rates, assisting Creative Director Photo Editor: $52,000

Reporter A McClatchy daily 37000 white female 20 Illinois reporting, photography, videography, social media, investigative, breaking

Photojournalist A McClatchy daily $34,000 Cis white woman 2 North Carolina

Reporter A nonprofit news outlet $39,000 Cis white man 4 Northeastern U.S. Reporting and writing news and features for three counties, taking and editing photos, attending government meetings and events across those three counties, etc. Before this I worked three paid three-month internships at daily newspapers while an editor of my college paper, and then had a yearlong paid fellowship at a large metropolitan paper.

Editor (Copy editor) A personal finance website $60,000 cis white female 5 Remote / NYC area Copy edit SEO content, assign and manage freelancers, updates to old content, SEO research and article outlining n/a

Assistant Editor A Popular Women's Magazine 37,500 White, Female New York

editor A Russian news/opinion mill $50k cis m, white 5 US making articles concocted by not-native-English speakers coherent

Reporter A technology magazine $70,000 cis Asian-American woman 3 Boston Reporting and writing for online, newsletter, and print; some data & interactive work

Senior staff reporter A trade publication $55,000 Male/White 20 Portland, Oregon Reporting, writing, posting online content, page layout

Producer A+E 75000 cis white female 5 NYC write and produce videos, manage editors, pitch and develop concepts $40/hr Associate Producer

Director ABC 3500/wk F 10 NYC Direct TV series

Digital Producer ABC News $80,000

Desk Assistant ABC News $18/hour plus overtime WOC Washington, DC

Shareholder Relations ABC News 100,000 + 25% bonus CIS WHITE MALE 25 Little St James Protecting shareholder interests and aligning editorial input Assistant to Jeff Epstein

Editorial Producer (booker) ABC News 77,000 F POC 4 NYC Book guests for national news, develop long-term stories and relationships

Associate Digital Producer ABC NEWS 70,000 White Male 3 NYC Produce short videos for the website

Associate Producer ABC News 72800 Nonbinary/AFAB/white 4 NYC

Senior reporter ABC News $110,000 cis female, white 15 Midwest primarily feature writing Freelance: Earned $50,000 the year I began and $100,000 my last year freelancing. Assistant Editor at an independent magazine: $30,000

Reporter Acuris 55000 White CIS Male 3 Western US City Cover industry-specific news with a financial focus, including analysis and company profiles, interviews with CEOs and bankers. Previous work at a small legal paper, 50,000 starting, 51,000 at first raise (5 months in) 54,000 at second raise (1.5 years in). Contract marketing work prior, 14-17 per hour.

Copy editor Adams Publishing Group $16 an hour cis white female 2 Small metro on West Coast Edit stories, manage page design, run opinion page

Senior Reporter Adams Publishing Group $21,840 Male/Caucasion 5 Circleville, Ohio General Reporting, community editor staff reporter, 20,800

Digital Editor Adams Publishing Group $30,000 Cis female/white 6 Idaho Manage all multimedia aspects of the newspaper, including video, audio, website management, newsletters, and social media strategy.

Reporter Adams Publishing Group/APG Chesapeake $30,000 Cis white woman 4 Maryland Beat reporter assigned to crime, municipal government writing 10 stories/week for twice-weekly publication. I do all my own photography and most of my own editing because we are incredibly poorly staffed. Company used to be owned by Washington Post before Jeff Bezos sold it in 2015: had worked here then from 2011-2014. Previously a communications worker in state government making $57,000/annually.

Data Journalist Advance $41,000 cis POC female 5+ years NY metro area data analysis, reporting, graphics, design

Data Reporter Advance $75,000 cis-het white male 15 NJ Regular original content, major projects, editing, newsroom training, mentorship, collaboration with beat reporters on graphics, Started at $36K 10 years ago. 3-4 raises over the decade.

Reporter Advance $43,000 cis white male 3 NJ $33/hr as NY intern; $12/hr at internship in different city

Reporter Advance 57,000 cis Latina 6 Northeast Reporting on state politics and related issues Started at $40,000 at a breaking news job (also in the Northeast)

Audience Engagement Advance Local $63,300 cis white female 4 NYC Social media, community management, brand management, moderation Started at $52k (25/hr - I am hourly)

Reporter Advance Local $37,500 Cis female / white 1 Michigan Beat reporting, writing N/A

Reporter Advance Local 58,000 Latina cis female 3 NJ/NYC Metro area Beat reporting and writing, enterprise stories, social media. Three raises since hired after intership at 40,000. Intern at Advance Local about 12/hour with overtime. Intern at WNBC 10.50/hour

Reporter Advance Local 82,000 cishet white male 9 East Coast Reporting and editing Entry-level web producer at 35K, reporter at $50K

Reporter Advance Local $56,000 Female 16

Reporter Advance Local Media $49,000 Cis-het white female 15 Michigan Reporting, writing, editing own stories Assistant editor at a regional magazine: $30,000 Web editor at a national magazine: $40,000

Creative Content Coordinator Advertising Agency 45000 Cis Latinx Women 1 Long Beach Purchase stock photography/assets, route CGI data, coordinate CGI assets between vendor/clients Social Media Coordinator - $35K (experience 2 years)

Senior Social Producer Ai 85000 White Female 8 NYC Global Social Strategy, Managing Social Accounts, Writing, Producing Content.

Reporter / Content Provider Aim Media Midwest 25,000 Male / White 10 Ohio State, county, local government and politic

💸Real Media Salaries 💸
Tags Journalism, Salaries, Jobs, Media, Industry specific
Type Google Sheet
Published 26/11/2020, 13:12:08


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