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2020 Election & Post Election Support Gatherings and Resources

A compilation of online gatherings on and after Election Day to boost your spirit, provide emotional support, and ways to be together through conversations, speakers, music, singing, meditation, prayer and more. These events are free unless otherwise stated.

politics, 2020 presidential election, Trump, Biden, mental health, election

2020 Election & Post-Election Support Gatherings & Resources

A compilation of online gatherings on and after Election Day to boost your spirit, provide emotional support, and ways to be together through conversations, speakers, music, singing, meditation, prayer and more. These events are free unless otherwise stated. Please research through links and/or contact event organizers directly for questions on accessibility, inclusivity and content. Lovingly curated 10/31 by Micky ScottBey Jones of Faith Matters Network. Share this list far and wide. With you in Spirit & Struggle.


* Election Day (and Night)

* Post-Election and Beyond

* Additional Resources

* A Note from The Justice Doula

Election Day: Tuesday, November 3rd

Keeping it Together on Election Day w/ Nadia Bolz-Weber and Friends

Spiritual togetherness at the top of each hour with Brene Brown, Bishop Curry, Nadia’s mom and more. Starting 11am ET on Instagram Live @sarcasticlutheran More info.

Election Night Abolitionist Prayer Vigil and Imagination Space w/ Seminary of the Street

Prayer vigil on election night. Join freedom fighters from around the country and the ancestors for this space to name and call in our dreams. Starting 5pm PT/8pm ET on Zoom. More info.

Election Night Watch Party w/ Nashville Movement Chaplains

Drop-in space for progressive movement folks across Middle Tennessee with the Nashville Movement Chaplains. Starting 8pm CT on Zoom. More info.

Tikkun Leil Election w/ T’ruah

Community, inspiration, and spiritual nourishment with short Torah study opportunities, musical performances, meditation moments, poetry readings, etc. with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie, poet Joy Ladin and more. Starting 8pm ET on Zoom. More info.

We Care For Us: Election Night w/ Take Action Minnesota

An evening of music, art, healing, and time in a community that will be building power and joy together for the long-haul, co-hosted with ACER, COPAL, The Alliance, CTUL, Climate Generation, Gender Justice, Jewish Community Action and many others. Starting 8pm CT on Zoom. More info.

Good Vibe Texts w/ The Swell Collective

We’ll be sending out the good moods and good vibes all day on Nov. 3 to better your mood. Text "Sol2020" to 56525 to get set up. More info.

A Post-Election Safety Plan w/ En Conjunto

Join Ana-Yelsi Velasco-Sanchez and Alicia Crosby to talk about why some of us, especially those with marginalized identities, may feel compelled to create one, why that’s a normal instinct, and what a holistic approach to creating one is (considering your physical, emotional, financial, spiritual needs and more). Facebook Live Starting at 7pm ET. More Info

Solidarity 2020: Election Day Interludes w/ The Swell Collective

Streaming opportunities all Election Day (and night) for BIPOC organizers to engage in generative and healing spaces respite and community. Starting 6am ET on Facebook. More Info

Election Night Peace & Prayer w/ Faith United Church of Christ, State College

Online sanctuary on Election night for you to bring your prayers of hope and peace and poems as we spiritually support each other. Starting 7pm ET on Zoom. More info.

How to Stay Grounded w/ The Chi Center, Wisdom Healing with Master Mingtong Gu

A free special teaching and practice with members of our Connections! community. Find support for staying steady, grounded, open-hearted, and infused with universal Love & Light during these times of personal and collective change and uncertainty. Starting 8pm ET/5pm PT. More info.

Singing Bowl Meditation w/ Sound Healing for Well-being

Guided meditation led by Mindi Hung while playing crystal quartz bowls along with chimes for our class. Listening to the bowls can grant you the peace your mind needs to settle in. Starting 7pm ET on Zoom. More info.

VOTE: Then Sing! Election Day Concert w/ The Center for Congregational Song

A 12-hour broadcast featuring songs and hymns to help us pray together, sing together, and be a non-anxious presence on election day, with various artists and faith leaders. Starting 1pm ET on YouTube Live. More info.

Soothe Your Soul w/ Vandersall Collective

⁣⁣Take a break from news coverage or those pesky thoughts inside your own head, and join us for music, poetry, meditation, and re-centering in community. Our beloved clients and colleagues will be our co-hosts and sharing their various gifts as we navigate this turbulent time together.⁣ Starting 6pm ET on Zoom and Facebook Live. More info.

Heart Medicine w/ Helen Bennett & Matt Goldfield

Inspired by the Jewish prayer practice developed at Isabella Freedman & Adamah and many other teachers and practices, a moment together to reflect, to sing, and to welcome the night in contemplative and songful practice. Starting 9pm ET on Zoom. More info.

Quaker Prayer Vigil w/ the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

Continuous worship on Zoom, overnight. Some of it will be dance party, some vespers-ish, other somatic awareness, prayers with at least two friends present at all times. Come and go as you wish. Starting 8pm ET (and goes till 7am the next day). More Info

Election Day Community Center w/ Jewish Voice for Peace

An all-day open space to study, sing, pray, take action, laugh, cry, and be together led by the JVP Rabbinical Council and friends. The day will include meditation, prayer, text study, singing, and discussion. Starting 8am ET on Zoom. More info.

Election Night/Morning After Fellowship w/ Vrji Spirit Community

An hour of conversation, meditation, and connection of hearts and minds while we wait awhile for the results of this historic election. Starting 11pm ET. More info.

Prayers on Election Day w/ Friendship Presbyterian Church

An hour to offer prayers in the face of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty around the election with music, images, songs led by Rev. Shawna Bowman. Starting 5:30pm CT on Zoom. More info.

Election Day Prayer Vigil w/ Shalem Institute

Prayerful guidance around a contemplative practice leading into extended silence each hour on the hour, led by a faith leader. Starting 9am ET on Zoom. More info.

In This Together Meditation Circle w/ Chelsea MacMillian & Zen Teacher Colin Beavan

Community support and connection through a sharing circle and brief meditation to help us all get through this time with just a little more calm, compassion, and connection. At 6pm and 10pm ET on Zoom. More info here (6pm) and here (10pm).

All Power to the People: Election Night w/ Bobby Seale & Rep. Barbara Lee

Song, inspiration from movement and political elders, and healing blessings featuring Bobby Seale (Black Panther Party), Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Baba Greg Hodge, Kaira Jewel Lingo, and others. Hosted by Black Tech for Black Lives and Just Cities. Starting 7pm PT/10pm ET on Zoom. Pay and free options. More info.

Post-Election: Wednesday, November 4th and Beyond

Yoga for BIWOC w/ Kathy Khang

Pay what/if you can yoga for Black, Indigenous, Women of Color. Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 5pm CT on Zoom and every Monday and Wednesday thereafter. More info.

Remember in November Healing Circles w/ Political Healers

Join us for powerful healing circles held for political healers around the experience of this election to discuss healing practices to carry us through. Wednesday, Nov. 4th and 11th at 7pm ET/4pm PT. More info.

“After the Election: Spirituality, Civil Conversations and Social Healing” w/ Krista Tippett

Join us for a special edition of “Matters that Matter: A Conversation Series from Hendricks Chapel” with Krista Tippett, the Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and creator of “On Being,” a New York Times bestselling author, and a National Humanities Medalist. Live captioning will be provided. Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 7pm ET on Zoom. More info.

You’re Not Alone: Lament Together w/ The Many

Join us and take this time for yourself, for a few moments of reflection and prayer, and music from The Many. Sing, pray, cry out to God and look for vision. Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 8pm CT on Facebook Live. More info.

Post Election Gathering w/ Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

Let's come together whatever the outcome and fortify each other as we make meaning of what is and plan for what's ahead. Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 5:30pm CT on Zoom. More info.

Toshi Reagon’s Post-Election “No Matter What” Concert

A post-election show to address the election and the continuation of systems that govern the United States of America, and a gathering that says we are here, and we are carrying on with this life no matter what. Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 7pm ET. More info.

Restoration and Restoration in Times of Grief and Mourning w/ Healing by Choice!

A women and gender non-conforming community of healing and health practitioners and their friends for a series of bi-weekly sessions through November. An interactive time where we will share simple practices that you can use in your daily life and share with your community. Wednesday, Nov. 4th and 18th at 12pm ET. More info.

All Saints Candle Lighting for All Our Griefs w/ First Presbyterian Church Springfield

Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 5:30pm CT. More info.

Community Healing Circles w/ Eastbay Church of Religious Science

Join us in a space for connection, healing, and shared spiritual practice the days and weeks following the election. Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 9:15pm ET. More info.

Election Week Daily Morning Rituals w/ Jewish Voice for Peace

Start each day cradled in tradition and community with a 15 minute morning ritual of prayers, songs, and poems. Sunday, Nov. 1st-Friday, Nov. 6th at 8am ET. More info.

Secure the Bag: The Ancestors Have Prepared Us w/ the Good Neighbor Movement

An invitation to conjure the ancestors for the rituals, tactics, and wisdom we must go back and fetch to live radically, justly, safel

2020 Election & Post Election Support Gatherings and Resources
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