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Free Page Experience Tools (Core Web Vitals, HTTPs Usage, Safe Browsing, No Intrusive Interstitials)

Tools and guides to help you design great user experience on your site - includes resources to check and track how well you're doing on some of the core metrics.

engineering, developers, front-end, websites, internet

Name Purpose URL Type Cost

Google Mobile Friendly Test Check Mobile friendliness and interstitials of a given page Web Based Free

Mobile-Friendly Test (Bulk Testing Tool) Uses Google's API, check if your pages are mobile-friendly or if they have mobile-usability errors. Bulk Mobile-Friendly test, up to 50 URLs at the time. Web Based Free

Mesure from Check Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift from Core Web Vitals, HTTPs usage of a given page Web Based Free

Web Vitals Chrome Extension Core Web Vitals of a given page Browser Extension Free

PageSpeed Insights Check Core Web Vitals, Field and Lab data of a given page Web Based Free

Core SERP Vitals Show Core Web Vitals of ranked pages in SERPs from CrUX Report (Field Data) Browser Extension Free

Web Page Test Web Page Performance Test of any Given Page including Core Web Vitals Web Based Free

Search Console (Core Web Vitals report) Show From CrUX Report (Field Data) from your site pages Web Based Free

Chrome UX Report logoChrome UX Report Compare Tool Compare real-world performance of sites and URLs Web Based Free

Wattspeed Continously monitor Core Web Vitals for any page Web Based and Browser Extension Free

Lighthouse Check Core Web Vitals, Lab data of a given page Chrome Dev Tools & Browser Extension Free

PageSpeed Compare - Easy Page Speed Benchmarking Compare performance metrics of your pages against each other or your competitors using Google PageSpeed Insights (Lab and Field Data). Web Based Free

Site Speed Comparison Tool Compare site speed across results of a Google search Web Based Free

Measure Core Web Vitals of your Websites with Google Sheets Automatically measure Core Web Vitals for multiple websites. Google Sheets Free

Treo Site Speed Find out how fast your website is for real users. It's free and instant. Web Based Free

Layout Shift GIF Generator Visualise the Core Web Vitals metric Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) with a simple GIF Web Based Free

Bulk Core Web Vitals Check Check up to 500 Pages of your site - whether from crawling your site, a specific list of URLs or pages ranking for a given keyword in Google Web Based Free

Batch Speed Bulk speed test multiple urls using Google's Page Speed checker Web Based Free

JitBit - Unused CSS This free tool crawls your website for unused CSS selectors. It follows internal links recursively and looks on multiple pages Web Based Free

Yellow Lab Free and Open Source tool to check Web performance of any page Web Based Free

GTMetrix See how your site pages perform, reveal why they're slow and discover optimization opportunities. Web Based Free

SEOinfo A browser extension that highlights SEO configurations and issues of the browsed pages including Core Web Vitals metrics. Browser Extension Free

Tame The Bots JavaScript & CSS Code Usage See how much of each JavaScript & CSS file loaded on a page is actually used. Web Based Free

Fast or Slow Test the speed of your site from different locations from all over the world, using PageSpeed Insights metrics Web Based Free

Daretoboost Website Speed Test and Monitoring - Up to 5 pages for free per month Web Based Freemium

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Freemium SEO Crawler (up to 500 URLs for free) offering PageSpeed Insights Integration – Lighthouse Metrics, Opportunities & CrUX Data Desktop Based Freemium

Do you want me to add any new free tool or resource? Send me a tweet to @aleyda

Free Page Experience Tools (Core Web Vitals, HTTPs Usage, Safe Browsing, No Intrusive Interstitials)
Tags Engineering, Developers, Front-end, Websites, Internet
Type Google Sheet
Published 01/02/2021, 02:04:52


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