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What happened in Perú

An explenation and the background of the 2020 Peruvian protests

politics, Peru, protest, society, Latin America

What’s happened in Perú?

First, here’s the link:

And you can use hashtags like: #Peru #FueraMerino #vamosperucarajo #GolpedeEstadoPeru #MerinoCTM #HelpPeru #MerinoDictador #PrensaVendida #Abancay #(any place where a protest is happening: San Miguel, PlazaSanMartín, Molina, Arequipa)

for spread information:

And tag









on videos or evidence of violence by the authorities, PLEASE.

Cw/ for politics at this point.

Monday 9th of November, in Perú, Congress voted the president Martín Vizcarra out of office. Why? He was accused of corruption and possible money laundering. Which is the reason We’re not defending him as a person, but in Perú a president can be investigated and accused once when they finished their chair, just as it happened with former presidents before.

Lawmakers from the nine parties in congress decided to impeach Vizcarra. 105 out of 130 lawmakers voted to remove him. 68 out of 130 also have judicial processes or investigations on course.

Why is this bad? The morning after Vizcarra left, Manuel Merino took his place.

Article 115 of the Constitution says that the president of the congress must immediately call for elections, they didn’t do that.

Merino, president of Congress, only got 5000 votes in the past congressional elections, in a country with a population of 33 million people. 95% of peruvians didn’t vote for him as our president. See how unfair it is? Also, this man doesn’t have college education and has previous investigations against him.

So, you can guess: The impeachment had a questionable process, in the middle of a pandemic and economic crises and with private interests as their motivator.

First minister:

Cw/ for murder, racism, mysogny, politics, homophobia and femicides.

Antero Flores is now the new first minister on Perú. Who is this man?

He is known for having a sexist and homophobic stance: "Killing a woman out of jealousy is not femicide" "I am absolutely against gay marriage" among others. Let's not forget the 'baguazo' either.

“Perú: Conservative Prime Minister appointed who resigned in 2009 after 34 people were massacred in an indigenous rebellion”

Baguazo? : On June 5, 2009, in the context of the Bagua conflict, the so-called Bagua massacre, also called Baguazo, very close to the cities of Bagua and Bagua Grande, in the Peruvian department of Amazonas. The confrontation resulted in the death of 33 indigenous people.

These events were carried out as part of the eviction of approximately 5,000 native Aguarunas, Huambisas and other Amazonian ethnic groups, who were blocking a highway for 55 days, causing fuel, gas and food shortages in the departments. The conflict was partly due to the indolence and inefficiency of the State in meeting the real needs of this sector of the population (which would benefit from the project) This happened when he was Minister of Defense.

And what does he said about this?

"say the forgotten peoples of Peru, DON'T FUCK ME" (phrase extracted from "La Espera: Historias del Baguazo" documental movie)

TW/ racism

Also he had this dialogue in his interview with reporter, Ramiro Escobar, calling people from La Sierra “llamas y vicuñas” (animals from there)

- And do you think, Congressman, that the referendum on NAFTA should be approved?

- Noooo, are you going to ask the llamas and vicuñas about NAFTA?

- Who do you mean by "llamas" and "vicuñas"? That's insulting.

-You'll find it insulting, then, but...

- How can you refer to people as "llamas and vicuñas"? It's insulting.

- Well, it's your opinion, if you don't like it, I'll leave. That's my opinion. A technical issue you can't ask them. It's an outrage. You can't ask all the citizens. If you can't read and write, you're not going to ask that...

- You can't call them "llamas and vicuñas," sir.

- I'm not doing it on the bus.

- No, but it's still insulting. It's attacking me and many of my fellow countrymen.

This man is now our First Minister, named by Merino.


Manuel Arturo Merino, our actual president doesn’t have any kind of studies on how to be the president. And the career he didn’t even finish has nothing to do with politics.

Merino's first orders as president were basically to violently confront the protests that were supposed to be peaceful, and there are videos that prove that they were in fact peaceful, until at a certain time THE POLICE THEMSELF BEGINNED TO RELEASE TEAR GAS AND PARTRIDGES.

And this lead us to:


cw/ cops , police brutality , violence , blood , DEATH

In this part I’m not going to talk, but just show you all the videos that are indeed, evidence of the terrible acts of the police.


cops telling eachother to shoot protesters:

Police taking a girl away just for looking at him with disapproval:

Police throwing tear gas bombs in Abancay:

Police shooting perdigones:

Perdigones to a reporter:

Shooting Tear gas bombs INSIDE OF A BUS (WITH KIDS INSIDE):

More kids being harmed:

undercover cops:

closing the streets and dropping bombs, suffocating Protestants:

Two boys wounded by bullets (One was believed dead, he is seriously injured in the hospital, where they changed the document hours later so that it does not say that he was shot with bullets):

First document

last document

Hunting protests with motorcycles:




And what Is media doing?

Making look protestants like the violent ones.

And using Soccer and other things as their smoke curtain for what’s happening in the streets, people fighting for our rights.

This all i could put in less than 2 hours, I'm missing things like "La ley universitaria" (which will harm students a lot)

which is explained in this thread well

I’ll leave some carrds links too:

Video explaining first days situations:

and this thread as well:

They explained better than me actually, I just wanted to add some things,

Thank you a lot for taking the time to read this doc.

What happened in Perú
Tags Politics, Peru, Protest, Society, Latin America
Type Google Doc
Published 29/11/2020, 00:36:28


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