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A crowdsourced list of tools and resources to help MPs, AMs, MSPs, MLAs, & Councillors and their staff be more effective

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A crowdsourced list of tools and resources to help MPs, AMs, MSPs, MLAs, & Councillors and their staff be more effective

blame this on The London College of Political Technologists at Newspeak House



UK Elected Reps Handbook

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A crowdsourced list of tools and resources to help MPs, AMs, MSPs, MLAs, & Councillors and their staff be more effective

blame this on The London College of Political Technologists at Newspeak House




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How to use this handbook

1. Join the WhatsApp group for updates:

1. also there’s a facebook group

2. you can also hassle @nwspk

2. If you know of or are (thinking of) building which can help elected representatives to be more effective, please feel free to add it to the list below. This can be non-partisan or partisan, free or paid, almost finished or just ideas looking for contributors -

1. if you want to know more about what working in a constituency, parliamentary, or ward office is like, you can read these (you're more than welcome to add any other links to relevant research)::

* Digital MPs by Doteveryone - the responsible technology think tank: This user research project placed 4 digital mentors in MPs’ offices for 2 months to explore how increased digital understanding could create a better democracy for us all.



1. if you'd like to look at political data for inspiration, there is a comprehensive library here which might be helpful:

2. if you’re collecting user data, please do so responsibly:

3. If you’re not sure what to do but you want to get involved:

1. check out the community page for online groups, meetups, etc:

2. have a read through the projects listed below - they probably need your help

3. peruse the datasets page for inspiration:

4. If you’re organising meetups, hackathons, groups or doing any kind of online or offline organising of technologists, add the details here:

5. Share this handbook far and wide ❤️

e.g. retweet this:

Casework Management

Software Programmes

Advice and Information Management System (AIMS) from Rightsnet



Free 30-day trial then £6.25 per month or £60 per year



Nation Builder - Software platform for community organising, groups and campaigns of all sizes - enables you to engage with and mobilise your community of supporters. One integrated platform including easy to create websites and action pages, email system, CRM, and donations. Specific candidate website themes also available on the theme marketplace:

Campaigning & Organising

PolicyMogul - Free platform for organisations to see what's happening in parliament, manage their public affairs and campaigning work in one place, and to identify and collaborate with other organisations who share the same objectives.

Public campaigns are made visible to parliamentarians, so they can approach you rather than you having to approach them.

Tapvote - Public Pledge Tools - is a public pledge-card platform that helps you win commitments from candidates. If your campaign needs to secure public pledges we’re here to help get in touch. - crowd-funded billboard adverts. This is a new service and we're looking for campaigns with strong communities behind them but with scant funds for advertising. If you have a campaign that needs an innovative way to cut through get in touch!

SpeechifAI is a digital campaign suite for word-of-mouth marketing. With SpeechifAI organizations enable their community members to easily compose high quality messages and share them in synchronized posting campaigns on social media. A control dashboard enables campaign coordinators to provide guidance to community members and coordinate what they post. A post-editing assistant helps community members to compose individualized posts that incorporate the campaign’s instructions and the user's personal writing style. With only a few clicks, community members can create impactful social media communication and share it across various platforms in a coordinated way.


You know those “write to MP” forms? They’re a bit outdated nowadays, right? Looking a bit rusty, and not really taking advantage of modern technology. Loudspeek brings a fresh approach to writing to MPs, MSPs, Welsh Assembly members, or any custom targets you define across the country from a single form, allowing you to tailor your campaign’s message to make sure decision makes pay attention the first time round.

Find out more about the revolution in digital lobbying on the loudspeek website, or pop over an email to [email protected]

New/Mode- Empower supporters to Email, Tweet and Call their candidates

New/Mode’s affordable and easy-to-use platform can empower your supporters to find their local candidates, and contact them with just one click. We have a comprehensive dataset of all 2019 parliamentary candidates available to use with our email and tweetstorm tools. The tools can be embedded on any website or used as a stand alone action page, and styled in any way you like. (We also have a powerful Letter to the Editor tool to help your supporters get published in local and national newspapers, and click-to-call which can be used with any custom targets.) These tools are available on a month to month (no long term lock in) agreement. Get in touch via email or Whatsapp.


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