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Herbal Links, Info, Public Health COVID-19

COVID-19 Resources for Herbalists & Community Workers

mutual aid, herbalism, herbalist, public health

Resources for Herbalists & Community Workers

Updated 04/15/2020

Collected articles, links, resources, and more for the current pandemic. This information is not an endorsement by HWB, but a gathering of information available online at this time.


Click in folder links for all PDFs and documents

Public Health Files/PDFS

Fact Sheets Public Health

Sanitizer Recipes


Notes from Herbalists


Public Health Flyers/Posters


Topics Below: | Western Herbal Response | TCM | Anthroposophical Articles | General Articles | Health Justice | Public Health | Mental Health | Kids | Mutual Aid | Fever | NSAIDs | Preparedness | Prevention |


Western Herbal Response

Herbalists: General Immune Support

Herbs for Immune Support - Resource List

Herbal Dispensary Best Practices

A Collaboration between Bre Lembitz, an herbalist, and Deanne Lembitz M.D., a family physician

Herbal Language Tips for Western Herbalists

Heart of Herbs Herbal School

Podcast: COVID-19 & Natural Medicine

Podcast: COVID-19 and Natural Medicines with Immunologist Heather Zwickey PhD

How to not go viral: An integrative Approach

Guido Masé

COVID19 Guido Masé Slideshow.pdf

Danny O’Rawe, ND, MSc FIRH


Thomas Easley

The Enchanter’s Green - Antiviral Properties of Alder in a Clinical & Theoretical Context

Resources for Herbalists: Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine

COVID-19 Protocolo y Recursos de la Escuela de Medicina Botanica y Flores Silvestres

Covid 19 Protocol and Resources from the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine

Larken Bunce

Resources for Herbalists and Community Health Workers

John Slattery

Dave Meesters, Terra Sylva School of Botanical Medicine

An Herbalist's Protocol for Attending to Viral Respiratory Infections

Herbs with Rosalee: Herbs for Immunity

Indie Herbalist: Coronavirus, Herbalism, & Pandemic Preparedness

Coronavirus, Herbalism, and Pandemic Preparedness

Resources: Matthew Wood Notes

Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism

Naturally Simple Living: Targets of Herbal Interventions

Heart of Herbs Herbal School

Podcast from CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism:

Herbs for Coronavirus Preparedness · Holistic Herbalism and COVID-19

Herbal Guide to Collective Protection & Healing, Sitting Bull College Community, Linda Black Elk

Blog Post by Lesley Tierra: Herbal Prevention

Coronavirus: Herbal Prevention

Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine

Red Moon Herbs Resources


Working with Acute Respiratory Issues

Paul Bergner: Acute Viral Respiratory Prevention and Therapeutics PPT

Paul Bergner: Botanical Medicine in Stages of Fever...

Is Licorice Anti-Viral? Paul Bergner

10 Herbs to Help you Fight Flu & Viruses

More in our Immune Support Document

Herbal Articles Immune Support, etc

Tisserand Institute: Essential Oils

More Herbal Resources:

GET RADICAL BOIL ROOTS: A Kitchen Witch's Guide


COVID-19 Resources


TCM Handbook (PDF)

Redeploying plant defences

Learning Herbs: What are Antiviral Herbs?

TCM formula proves to be effective virus curb at community level

East West School

Colds and Flu: Common-Sense Prevention Tactics

Matthew Wood

Free Herb Classes with Matthew Wood

Korean Researchers Found Substance Inhibiting

Pneumonia & Inflammasomes - the Melatonin Connection

A theoretical discussion of the possibility and possible mechanisms of using sesame oil for prevention of 2019-nCoV from the perspective of colloid and interface science

(PDF) A theoretical discussion of the possibility and possible mechanisms of using sesame oil for prevention of 2019-nCoV (COVID-19 coronavirus) from the perspective of colloid and interface science

Report from the Front Line in Wuhan, By Liu Lihong, Institute for the Research and Preservation of Classical Chinese Medicine, Guanxi University of TCM. Translated by Heiner Fruehauf, National University of Natural Medicine, College of Classical Chinese Medicine.

The Dampness Epidemic: Exploring the Clinical Characteristics in Shanghai

TCM Doctor Medical Records

Official Protocols Include Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas

Chloroquine for the 2019 novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Others: Herbal Medicine etc. Data, Research.

Natural Methods to Protect your Respiratory System from Infection During Flu & Coronavirus Season

Integrative Health Resources

AIHM Resources

Aviva Romm:

COVID-19: An Integrative MDs Commonsense Approach Archives

COVID-19, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: What We Know is Reassuring

COVID-19 Prevention: From Commonsense to Natural Remedies (& Avoiding Nonsense!)

Herbal Links, Info, Public Health COVID-19
Tags Mutual aid, Herbalism, Herbalist, Public health
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Published 02/02/2021, 19:06:55


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