Pure Apex Routine

One of the most challenging routines available at the moment, which has proven to be an extremely beneficial one to use. Designed for Kovaak, goal with this routine is to reveal certain flaws you didn't know you had!

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Pure Apex Routine

One of the most challenging routines available at the moment, which has proven to be an extremely beneficial one to use. Designed for Kovaak, goal with this routine is to reveal certain flaws you didn't know you had!

We selected challenging scenarios to encourage each player to put in maximum effort. Working through these tough scenarios will develop full confidence in your aim for ANY fight you encounter in APEX.

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Pure Apex Routine


This routine isn’t final; we might add/modify scenarios and this written guide further down the line. Also we would love to hear your constructive feedback on the routine. You can just @ us or send us a message on our Twitter.

We really hope you enjoy this routine and it serves you well!

How to use the routine

Download and place the file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FPSAimTrainer\FPSAimTrainer\Saved\SaveGames\Playlists

Warm up

* Set the playlist to totally random

* Play it once and you are ready to go

will take about 25 minutes.

Note: This routine makes for an amazing warm up, because it isolates ALL of the necessary components of our aim using challenging scenarios.

Extended training

* Set the playlist to totally random

* Play through once

* Repeat the above 2-3 times


Behind the routine


* It’s based on a learning technique called interleaving (you basically study related skills and techniques in parallel) which is supposed to improve learning. There exists plenty of evidence of it being effective.

* Keeps you interested and excited to play a routine, because it feels less repetitive

Totally random

* You basically play a different routine every time, and keeps things feeling fresh

* If you look at a scenario like solving a problem, you get used to solving problems when they occur and not in a specific pattern

* Helps better prevent routine burn out or feeling of redundancy

Short and intense

We want you to spend less time on a routine as possible in Kovaaks, while still netting the most possible benefit. This is a game specific routine so we are focusing on you playing Apex for the most part. This routine is supplementary and won’t make you a good Apex player without you actually playing the game.


This is quite easily one of the more challenging routines you’ll ever see, but for good reason. Understand that the increased challenge is set to promote and encourage the player to approach the routine with maximum intensity and focus. If it feels too difficult at first, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of guides out there that are perfect for beginner level players or intermediate players. Since this routine is an Apex specific routine, this is a crucial goal we optimized the scenarios for.



B180TI Extra Small Sparky

The arcing trajectory of an opponent is a frequent occurrence in Apex Legends. Although it’s not a 1:1 replication of every possible situation, understanding the mouse control required to constantly track in this arcing trajectory is extremely important.

* Really focus on being smooth, try to track the full arc.

* Learn to be able to recognize and react to the small direction changes at the top of the arc as well as small environmental interactions like when the bot hits the wall Video-Showcase

Extra Smoothsphere Pure

Smoothness and precision are often quite difficult to balance. In this scenario you are learning to be harmoniously smooth and precise.

Smoothsphere is a precision bot, yet it’s quite fast and has mostly horizontal predictable movement, which makes it perfect training for variously ranged targets in Apex.

Extra Controlsphere Pure

Reactivity and precision have inherent tradeoffs, where we sacrifice a little bit of one for the other. In this scenario you are learning to balance reactivity and precision with smaller corrections while tracking. This is great for Apex, because as you begin to play against much more competent players, their movement becomes a little less predictable. A controlled and reactive tracking will be required of you.

* Focus primarily on the reactivity and the mouse movements

* Familiarize yourself with the amount of mouse movement required to keep up with the frequent direction changes

* Try to correct the smaller movements with your wrist and track larger position changes using your arm

LDDH Fixed

This might be difficult for a lot of players. IT COULD POTENTIALLY LEAD TO DEVELOPMENT OF BAD HABITS. We still kept it in because we see massive potential in the scenario. Feel free to delete/replace it.

If you can track this bot everything else is easy mode.

* Focus on the movements you can deal with and maximize the overlap of the visual information with the doable tracking of yours

* Don't tense up and only track what you are capable of

* Be sure to focus on purely reacting and obtaining a period of smooth tracking per strafe

Bad habits to avoid:

* Sporadic unintentional mouse movements.

* Highly increased tension or tightness in the hands, wrist, and arm.

* Shakiness or overcompensated movements.

Close Evasive Pure

Great for fast close quarter combat. This scenario really varies from play to play therefore we encourage you to AVOID looking at your scores too critically. We are aware that this would be a HORRIBLE benchmarking scenario, but that is not what it’s about. We are exploring the idea of utilizing training methods similar to HIIT by having a relatively high intensity with short challenge times.

It is paramount in this scenario, that you do not become too critical of your scoring. (Yes, we know…”Why the heck wouldn’t I?”) The multiple layers of variance will easily be quite daunting at first glance, but how you approach the scenario will determine whether or not you benefit from it. Utilizing a similar method seen in physical training known as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), we encourage you to go for maximum effort in reactivity and tracking in a short burst. This will remove the mental framing that is attached to “preemptive” or “anticipative” aim, and get your mind more geared around becoming visually reactive. You will find yourself being more proactive in reactivity and recognizing when the target momentarily commits to long strafes or more readable patterns. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED. Always attempt at maximum effort, and react to the best of your ability.

Popcorn Goated Tracking

As most of the seasoned players in Kovaaks are aware, Popcorn scenarios are commonly avoided by Beginner and even Intermediate level players. Popcorn scenarios can quite easily be listed as one of the tougher styled scenarios in all of Kovaaks. The importance of vertical tracking in Apex, is quite apparent. Refinement of vertical tracking will always be of importance. Read: B180TI Extra Small Sparky.

They share many qualities with one another, with the added goal of switching from target to target.

* Track the full movement of the bot.

* Focus on using your shoulder/arm during the bot’s up and down movement.

* VOD of a good run

Smoothbot Unvincible Small Goated

Smoothbot is a staple in many people’s scenario rotation for a few reasons. This scenario specifically will also help refine your ability to work with large angles. Being able to track properly outside of your “home” mouse position and understanding how to utilize the entirety of your mousepad is extremely important.

* Even though the name is Smoothbot, you don’t have to be smooth.

* Keep your crosshair on the bot as much as possible, and flick back to it when it changes direction.

* Reposition your mouse as little as possible. This scenario is supposed to introduce you to weird and large angles.

Highground Pure

Positioning is one of the cornerstones of success in ALL FPS games. In Apex, one of the most powerful positions you can be in, is on the high ground. Learning to track a target looking from above and aiming downward, is actually a quite nuanced and “weird” feeling, if you haven’t practiced it enough.

* Develop confidence and a good understanding of how to aim down towards a target on the low ground.

* VOD of a good run

VSS Close-Mid Long

VSS stands for varied strafe speed. You will notice that as you play this scenario, the bot’s strafe speed will gradually hasten. It’s a smoothness heavy tracking scenario with bots that accelerate. If played well, you’ll be less vulnerable to getting thrown off by your opponent’s strafes and be better at just following them as they add variance to their movement.

* Stay alert and reactive, while staying smooth regardless of the speed of the bot

* Try to understand movement on the z-axis to determine the amount of mouse movement required when the bot is close or far from you

VSS GPAIO thin far bots

Again, we are using a thinner bot for precision purposes. With the numerous strafe profiles that this scenario has, it forces you to be more reactive instead of anticipative. We believe it is safe to assume that you have developed or are currently developing a good understanding of reading an opponent's movement. This scenario is more geared towards dealing with movements that are less predictable and sometimes sporadic or even intentionally made more difficult to read.

* Don’t predict!

* Track the bot, stay smooth on the longer strafes and as reactive as possible on the shorter ones.

Pasu Small Pure

It challenges your reading ability, by forcing you to recognize direction changes and the bot's commitment to a longer, more predictable strafe. It is a dynamic click scenario that most of you should be familiar with. As most dynamic clicking scenarios are, you are also most efficient learning to incorporate your developed tracking ability to perfectly line up shots as well. With the numerous bots in your line of sight, you will be switching from target to target and micro correct frequently.

* Spam and flick, don’t wait for the targets to approach your crosshair

* Create as many opportunities to aim as possible

* Flick right onto the target, and not ahead of it.

* Read the whole “map”, don’t tunnel vision on one target.

Popcorn Voltaic No Reload

Dynamic clicking scenario with more emphasis on the vertical movements. Same benefit you’d get from pasu and bounce scenarios, but with the added challenge of deep and shallow

Pure Apex Routine
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Published 16/06/2021, 16:50:23


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