Witcher Creatures Data Base

A list of all the creatures in The WItcher and where to find them 🙂

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Witcher Creatures Data Base

A list of all the creatures in The WItcher and where to find them 🙂

games, list, inventory, The Witcher, CD Projekt

If you have dyslexia or any other condition that prevents you from enjoying this resource, please reach out and let me know how I can help make this more available for everybody! Twitter and tumblr: @planetesastraea

This list was made in order to help writers pick a creature to feature in their works! - First tab = Full list. You can use already created filtered views by clicking the little filter logo next to the Σ - You can also use Ctrl+F to search key words for categories - March 1st 2021 update: You can use the search tools for Kind and Habitat. However this used can only be used by one person at a time, hence the multiple tabs. By hovering on a creature name, you will get the link to its page on the Witcher Wikia. All of the informations in the table are from the Witcher Wikia. We are super grateful for their work. Any mistake in the list is our own. This list was made by @planetesastraea with @PeachieBun06's help. Find us on Twitter! If you notice any mistake or would like to share an idea you can reach out to @planetesastraea on Twitter or Tumblr :) Below you will find some insight about the chosen categories.


Names Some creatures are known under many names, we did our best to list them

Kind of creature Answers the question "What does it look like?" It will tell you if it looks closer to an insect, a fish or a human being. This does not necessarily specifies the race or class of the creature.

Habitats Because I wanted you to be able to filter this category, some creatures might appear more than once so that they would show both in "Mountains" or "Human settlements"

Notable locations Places where the creatures have notably appeared so that you can Ctrl+F towns or areas in which the action is set. Sometimes the place is only an example, other times it is the only place were the creature is known to exist. Check out the Wikia for more!

Special abilities Flight, invisibility, mind control, etc.

Main weapons Claws, poison, brute strength, etc.

Immune to Silver, igni, quen, poison, etc.

Vulnerable to Steel, axii, hot witchers etc.

Languages Answers the question "Can Geralt talk to it?" Some creatures can learn new languages, others can probably communicate among themselves but aren't capable of speech, some aren't sentient enough to communicate.

Origins Are these creatures born, made or cursed?

Notes Because some stuff just DIDN'T FIT

Witcher Creatures Data Base
Tags Games, List, Inventory, The Witcher, CD Projekt
Type Google Sheet
Published 02/05/2021, 11:01:02


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