List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021

List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021

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List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021

List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021

saas, design, ux, programming, web, news

List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021

UX Design KPI Examples

User experience (UX) focuses on the design and usability of a website, application, or product. Good UX means that the user can solve their problem or fulfill the need without too much difficulty. This leads to greater user satisfaction, a higher conversion rate, and fewer business costs.

Still, we all know that only the user decides whether your product has good or bad UX. Then, how to understand that you and your design team are doing everything correctly and the product is going to provide a great user experience?

Accessibility in UX

It’s so human to take for granted those things we got used to. Acute eyesight, good hearing, ability to read and understand, freely move and easily communicate.

But what if to think for a moment that many people among us interact with the world differently? As of 2019, 37,5% of the world’s population (and that’s more than two billion people!) live with some kind of disability. A terrifying number, right? It can be permanent disabilities or temporary impairments; however, none of them makes life easier.

In-House Designer vs Agency

If you are reading this article, you are now probably in search of a good specialist (or a team of specialists) to create a design solution that will meet both your business goals and your customer’s expectations. And the main thing that keeps tearing you apart is an eternal dilemma of in-house designer vs agency.

On the one hand, it is very convenient to have constant access to your designer and control all their actions whenever you need it, on the other hand, the ability to quickly hire an experienced professional in your field without the need to educate and retain them can save time and resources.

7 Design Systems for Your Inspiration

The article is here.

When you had a team of five people, you more likely didn’t think about a design system. You could communicate style direction to everybody on your team, making sure you were all on the same page. But when your business scales, it becomes next to impossible to instruct every new member how to adhere to a company’s design principles and coding standards to keep a high level of product consistency.

If this is the case, then the UI design system is what you should consider, develop, and gradually establish. Here at Eleken our skilled designers are ready to apply their in-depth expertise and help you with creating your unique design system.

SaaS Onboarding

Learn the rule of educating, engaging and retaining your customers in this article.

As a product owner, you may know the value proposition of your SaaS perfectly well. But there is no use in cutting-edge functionality and tailored user interface if your customers have trouble figuring out how they can benefit from using your product. And that’s where SaaS onboarding comes in handy.

So, what is customer onboarding? Why does your SaaS need one? What types of onboarding will suit your cloud service best? Let's figure it out together!

List of New Web Design Articles for July 2021
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