XRPL gadget78.uk

A list of XRPL coins, with this relevant security info, and also some info and links on each one

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XRPL gadget78.uk

A list of XRPL coins, with this relevant security info, and also some info and links on each one

cryptocurrency, XRPL

FULL SPREADSHEET Activated TrustLine Trustlines CurrencyCode Rating DOXX Native? Tipbot Blackholed? Website Twitter Country Whitepaper/Roadmap Price (per XRP) Supply Limited? Circulating MarketCap Charts TRADE DEXoffers Social Chat bithomp XRPscan Simple description of project (in their own words where possible) LIVE ? Airdrop (Green highlights = still available) Oddities ? or extra info Issuer Account HexCode distribution account #1 amount held distribution account #2 amount held

XRP XRP TRUE TRUE TRUE yes 1 USD = 1.1076480 100B TRUE 46B XRPLchat Native Coin FALSE

HADA coin 2017-07-26 11:40 TrustLine 8,747 HADA 1 FALSE FALSE TRUE NO Site Twitter see their site 0.0000070718274 9,980,085,188 FALSE #REF! #REF! Charts Trade 145 Discord bithomp XRPscan to promote learning of the XRPL FALSE formed by xrpchat, and airdropped there? has Transfer fee of 0.49999999999999% set, and Tick size: 3 rsR5JSisuXsbipP6sGdKdz5agjxn8BhHUC 4841444100000000000000000000000000000000 rwKgwydb7NRHNS8gVpG6QEP2tYqPhroYrK #REF!

Sologenic 2019-08-18 00:18 TrustLine 6,875 SOLO 11 TRUE TRUE TRUE yes Site Twitter see their site 0.92131485 399,994,016 TRUE 231,075,259 212,893,068 Charts Trade 413 - bithomp XRPscan sophisticated ecosystem utilizing the on-demand tokenization of a wide range of assets FALSE No has Transfer fee of 0.01% rsoLo2S1kiGeCcn6hCUXVrCpGMWLrRrLZz 534F4C4F00000000000000000000000000000000 r3fjrDzroduss2R6A9XSUDNuvM9yg2zkBA 31919056.9865 rU7UKpxEYrXpbD5C5JGcqdSf3TxHxwKof5 136999700

Kudos token 2020-04-01 15:32 TrustLine 11,034 XTK 10 TRUE TRUE FALSE yes LINK Twitter info on their site 0.0039850710 99,999,578 TRUE 24,999,578 99,625 Charts Trade 252 - bithomp XRPscan token to help people learn about the XRPtoolkit tool FALSE No, there was in 2020, and may be announced again? keep a check on the listed site. rXTKdHWuppSjkbiKoEv53bfxHAn1MxmTb XTK r39zqC3ZCvJAjFd25i21RMBR7nEbUjepj1 75000000

MG social 2020-06-05 17:47 TrustLine 12,258 MGS 11 TRUE TRUE TRUE yes LINK Twitter on there site DIRECT LINK 0.035038589 100,000,000 TRUE 1,733,619 60,744 Charts Trade 120 - bithomp XRPscan A platform that rewards creators. FALSE set trustline, goto this and read steps 300 coins per airdrop (airdrop runs till end of Sept) rHP4bHzghBdzskqcaPciL5WRGkHosB5zYx MGS rKkreq9PGs8vJm7BEbBipBThGJn9DwhgUn 98000000.99 rMgsw2NVqipZZhnVDN9xKuujLAWeL21qFi 266380.2136413141

GIG coin 2020-06-17 14:24 TrustLine 7,717 GIGcoin -1 FALSE FALSE TRUE yes Twitter NO 0.00015528074 99,999,899 TRUE 99,999,899 15,528 Charts Trade 82 - bithomp XRPscan to promote tipping in the music industry FALSE No rEF5RN6VkfEvkHeK9tkTodV8Cj9bhnM1Qj 476967436F696E00000000000000000000000000 rEF5RN6VkfEvkHeK9tkTodV8Cj9bhnM1Qj

Jungle 2021-01-25 06:30 TrustLine 3,975 JNG 2 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes Twitter stated as a meme coin ! 0.028962722 698,747 TRUE 698,747 20,238 Charts Trade 40 - bithomp XRPscan Just a novelty coin FALSE "If people want it they just post their address (Twitter) and I send the coins." rhbQYNVTzBzrv75igTeePyHxGzJ8L8P532 JNG rhbQYNVTzBzrv75igTeePyHxGzJ8L8P532

ChorusX 2021-02-05 17:00 TrustLine 18,806 CX1 11 TRUE TRUE TRUE yes LINK Twitter on their site DIRECT LINK 0.0056199483 24,999,999,752 TRUE 1,026,575,944 5,769,304 Charts Trade 146 - bithomp XRPscan to promote the music/entertainment industry FALSE get prepped, a ChorusX xAPP facet will be live in couple weeks. DEMO here! the 25B coins for pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) are held in HERE rKk7mu1dNB25fsPEJ4quoQd5B8QmaxewKi CX1 rhmaAYX86K1drGCxaenoYH2GSBTReja7XH 22973819297.51588 r4QJWy9zXWud7cTXA5d4bo4PzAaMwCe6m6 999604510.60386

CasinoCoin 2021-03-01 17:34 TrustLine 30,535 CSC 11 TRUE TRUE TRUE yes LINK Twitter on this site LINK 0.0030667424 64,994,130,519 TRUE 64,994,130,519 199,320,256 Charts Trade 742 Discord bithomp XRPscan a Digital currency developed specifically for the regulated gaming industry FALSE No rCSCManTZ8ME9EoLrSHHYKW8PPwWMgkwr CSC rCSCManTZ8ME9EoLrSHHYKW8PPwWMgkwr

Nerian 2021-04-20 17:04 TrustLine 12,921 Nerian 4 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes LINK Twitter on their site 0.059743664 26,100,968 TRUE 26,100,968 1,559,367 Charts Trade 118 - bithomp XRPscan Privatisation and self-monetisation of users' digital ID and footprint, for the user, by the user FALSE Airdrop over, Deadline was 21/08/2021 at 5:28am UTC. have seen NER and Nerian used as Code ? Trustline account IS XUMM verified rGEekk1PRyozC1ZEZCXL7EZcko4rrrETGh 4E657269616E0000000000000000000000000000 rGEekk1PRyozC1ZEZCXL7EZcko4rrrETGh

HADALITE 2021-05-16 17:12 TrustLine 8,201 HADALITE 5 FALSE FALSE TRUE yes LINK Twitter see listed site 0.0000034976275 9,999,918,989 TRUE 9,184,132,999 32,123 Charts Trade 83 Discord bithomp XRPscan to promote learning of the XRPL FALSE formed by xrpchat, and airdropped there? rHiPGSMBbzDGpoTPmk2dXaTk12ZV1pLVCZ 484144414C495445000000000000000000000000 rwKgwydb7NRHNS8gVpG6QEP2tYqPhroYrK 815785990.0875039

SEC coin 2021-05-19 18:50 TrustLine 7,987 SEC 9 TRUE FALSE TRUE yes LINK Twitter on their site 0.054559333 7,999,350 TRUE 2,059,154 436,439 Charts Trade 145 - bithomp XRPscan fungible protest token on the XRP ledger, stand up againt the SEC, every trustline is 1 protester FALSE via their site Facet Direct Link here fixed as of 6th September. also airdrop once SEC/Ripple case is closed 8M coins can be brought by burning XRP (1:1), 4M in facet on their site, 4M with creater/distributed rDN4Ux1WFJJsPCdqdfZgrDZ2icxdAmg2w SEC rh3uXD4W3xb2EHCVkMHtNsRYuWgCexS5m8 5928348.135849881 rhLvUD8nyLFjrEFuBn7wr9BaGrCVwi2j2f 11848

xianggang 2021-06-02 08:54 TrustLine 7,006 xianggang 6 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes Site Twitter on their site DIRECT LINK 0.000092506197 250,000,000 TRUE 250,000,000 23,127 Charts Trade 68 - bithomp XRPscan We made a token aimed at the Hong Kong market TRUE we do 7000 drops of 10,000 xianggang tokens, send me your address via twitter, i'll send you 10k xianggang Has a XIA listed as well, with 990k coins rMUqLuW4RpBvVAKNoaCubvbXgzuSnf6P8J 7869616E6767616E670000000000000000000000 rMUqLuW4RpBvVAKNoaCubvbXgzuSnf6P8J

XGold 2021-07-26 22:30 TrustLine 6,018 XGOLD 5 FALSE FALSE TRUE yes LINK Twitter on their site DIRECT LINK 0.0045681783 98,880,827 TRUE 84,112,483 384,241 Charts Trade 251 - bithomp XRPscan to link tokens with gold FALSE Finished also a DIRECT LINK to their tokenomics page r4XSSBVGENvgUrZFijX8xvsJtp9Mi2UPz9 58474F4C44000000000000000000000000000000 rww6QpjUWNCmhtB927EWkqVEQR7jvWAwZk 14768344.27867524

Elysian / Aesthetes 2021-07-30 14:55 TrustLine 36,413 ELS 6 TRUE TRUE FALSE NO LINK Twitter on their site DIRECT LINK 1.2492277 1,000,000,000 FALSE 1,000,000,000 1,249,227,700 Charts Trade 106 - bithomp XRPscan for promotion of real art as NFTs TRUE Set up TrustLine, airdrop due Feb 2022, so you have plenty of time ! (nothings fully live entill airdrop in feb 2022) they will blackhole the Issuer Account once the Airdrop Claiming Period will be finished and before the Airdrop Distribution. rHXuEaRYnnJHbDeuBH5w8yPh5uwNVh5zAg ELS rpEvAgRFarnCvgcBdw3MXuj8CLtaGa3XUM rNJYAGgWCn6PcpNAaMnXWikn9eGbUkkMu5 0

InGameCoin 2021-08-03 00:08 TrustLine 6,438 IGC 3 FALSE FALSE TRUE NO LINK Twitter on their site DIRECT LINK 0.00051865481 59,999,992,000 FALSE 59,999,992,000 31,119,284 Charts Trade 92 Discord bithomp XRPscan a virtual/augmentent in game/world coin FALSE Finished for now Also lists a HNT token ? raP6XZypcFR1WkDzaKjv91FtYRCURvePWW IGC raP6XZypcFR1WkDzaKjv91FtYRCURvePWW

MGT Token 2021-08-16 20:22 TrustLine 4,083 MGT 4 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes LINK Twitter Medium post Whitepaper link 2.8411165 10,000 TRUE 10,000 28,411 Charts Trade 111 Discord bithomp XRPscan Twitter post explaining how to get some, and why..... FALSE on random twitter posts, Direct Link Here to an example post a pre NFT release ? rwpQQdPJZmnGFNrPfbtCjtStdBxZK8qs3W MGT rwpQQdPJZmnGFNrPfbtCjtStdBxZK8qs3W

Nurse Coin 2021-08-21 16:38 TrustLine 3,991 XNC -2 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes Twitter NO 0.018098536 5,889,941 TRUE 5,889,941 106,599 Charts Trade 32 - bithomp XRPscan "The Nurse that is an XRP Enthusiast" TRUE set up Trust line, and ask on THEIR Twitter? rfoD7GTb7UNt8dkC6PVrx234N4ivRqf6LF XNC rfoD7GTb7UNt8dkC6PVrx234N4ivRqf6LF

Greyhound 2021-08-24 07:21 TrustLine 11,687 Greyhound 4 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes Site Twitter on their site DIRECT LINK 0.0000019594073 973,022,926,832 TRUE 973,022,926,832 1,906,548 Charts Trade 132 - bithomp XRPscan "token which can be used for tipping, yield farming and much more" FALSE trust-line adds till 02/9/2021 will receive 50M greyhound, up to 6k trustlines has Transfer fee of 1.5% rJWBaKCpQw47vF4rr7XUNqr34i4CoXqhKJ 47726579686F756E640000000000000000000000 rJWBaKCpQw47vF4rr7XUNqr34i4CoXqhKJ

LoXCoin 2021-08-24 10:22 TrustLine 19,474 SmartNFT 6 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes Site Twitter yes, DIRECT LINK 0.012078060 999,995,399 TRUE 999,995,399 12,078,004 Charts Trade 346 Telegram bithomp XRPscan "Our vision is to unite the digital and real world infrastructure", "The Virtual NFT Proof of ownership" TRUE Set trust line, Airdrop amount depends on Trustline amounts. full for details Description layed out on twitter rf8dxyFrYWEcUQAM7QXdbbtcRPzjvoQybK 536D6172744E4654000000000000000000000000 rHgseU9WCAzCdKbsqJFtKQZoHtzo7zpS7F

Strategy Engine 2021-08-24 10:50 TrustLine 20,338 FSE 4 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes LINK Twitter some details on their site 18.330852 99,999 TRUE 99,999 1,833,074 Charts Trade 297 - bithomp XRPscan Machine learning algorithm,will leverage strategies based on events related to the Flare ecosystem FALSE Set trustline, next drop September 16th (drop amount is dependant on how many people have a trustline set ) rs1MKY54miDtMFEGyNuPd3BLsXauFZUSrj FSE rs1MKY54miDtMFEGyNuPd3BLsXauFZUSrj

CentralReserve 2021-08-24 23:30 TrustLine 4,157 CentralReserve -6 FALSE FALSE FALSE yes NO 7.0112142e-7 9,999,999,716 TRUE 9,999,999,716 7,011 Charts Trade 16 - bithomp XRPscan ? FALSE 10k to new trustlines. not sure

XRPL gadget78.uk
Tags Cryptocurrency, XRPL
Type Google Sheet
Published 19/09/2021, 20:07:58


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