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An Open Letter to Playwrights Looking for Income

theatre, coronavirus, jobs, advice

An open letter to playwrights and others in theatre who are looking to make extra income via copywriting and advertising during the coronvirus lockdowns

Digital Skills Passport

teaching, technology, digital skills, computer science, CS classes, teaching materials

A template to use with your students who are learning new digital skills - devices, applications, tools for creativity, etc.

Coronavirus and COVID–19 clear language list

coronavirus, news, languages

A dictionary of often used phrases related to Covid-19 pandemic

Mandarin Chinese pronunciation guide

languages, China, learning, guide

A useful guide to get started learning Mandarin Chinese

Rethinking Thanksgiving Toolkit

USA, Thanksgiving, anti-racism, history

There are many different experiences we will have over Thanksgiving - some of us will have lots of food, some of us will struggle to have enough. Some will be surrounded by people and some will be alone or with just one other person. For many, it’s an important time of coming together with family. This day also gives us a chance to look at and change stories we have about our families and ourselves. Thanksgiving is based on myths that hide and erase the genocide that the United States is founded upon. What would it mean to tell a different story; an honest story?

Massive Breakdown's Destiny Beyond Light Weapon Stats Spreadsheet

games, Beyond Light, stats, Destiny 2

Beyond Light weapon stats spreadsheet


hypnosis, guide

A guide to hypnosis - this document is written in my framework. I try to mark cases where I deviate from common knowledge/terminology, but since this entire document consists of my opinions and most of my evidence is anecdotal, you should watch yourself.

Computer Graphics Resources

games, VFX, design

3D computer graphics for beginners - a selection of resources to learn and tinker with


Canada, Xmas, shopping, Amazon, high street, local shops

A list of local shops in Toronto, broken down into categories, for those who are looking

Quick Guide to Leveling Heirlooms, Enchants and Talents

games, WoW, Shadowlands, World of Warcraft

A simple guide for levelling to 60 quickly in Shadowlands - I truly hope this improves your Sha

15 ways to incorporate gaming into your music strategy

games, music, streaming, Twitch

What shapes exactly are music and gaming partnerships taking on today, and where are some of the biggest opportunities for experimentation and growth going into 2021

Maddie's Trans Girl Romances List

romance, books, recommendations, sex stories, LGBT, trans

A list of all the romance books and short stories featuring trans girls I could think of. Feel free to recommend more if you know any

P2 Q5 Lessons

teaching, English, teaching materials, languages

Language Paper 2 Question 5 lessons: engaging openings, direct address, classical repetition, different forms etc.

Weimar Republic Hyperinflation through a Modern Monetary Theory Lens

economics, history, thesis, inflation

In this doc, we dispute the mainstream view that the inflation of the Weimar Republic was caused by a proactive expansion of the stock of money by the German government acting in concert with the Reichsbank. In part 1, we examine the source of the price level and causes of inflation, first from a neoclassical and then from an MMT perspective. In part 2, we analyse the Weimar hyperinflation. In part 3, we apply the insights of MMT to Weimar hyperinflation and present our alternative narrative.

War Crimes Committed by the Azeri Government from 27.9 - 10.11.2020

politics, Armenia, Azerbeijan, conflict, news, 2020, war

Research compiled of war crimes committed by the Azerbeijani Armed Forces, Azerbeijani government, and, in some instances, Turkish government during the 2020 Artsakh war. It is highly likely that this chart may not include all violations. If you know of any violations that were not included, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Games and Apps on Apple Silicon

games, benchmark, Apple, iOS, Mac, Stream

🎮🍎 If you wonder which games run on Apple Silicon (Apple M1) and how well - here is a spreadsheet


paper, books, thesis, analysis, beauty

Analysing themes of sexuality in Beauty and the Beast - in the Disney film from 1991 as well as Jean Cocteau’s 1946 La Belle et la Bête.

What happened in Perú

politics, Peru, protest, society, Latin America

An explenation and the background of the 2020 Peruvian protests

Maggie Stiefvater’s Unofficial Tarot Guide (fan made)

Tarot, cards, guide

A guidebook about The Scorpio Sea deck, written by Melissa Cynova, who is a professional psychic and real-life woman of Fox Way. It's based on the imagery of Thisby and the novel The Scorpio Races (although, like the Raven’s Prophecy deck, it stands alone).

A Comprehensive Guide To Tech Ethics and Zoom Class

teaching, Zoom, remotework, moving class online

A comprehensive layperson’s guide to the tech ethics of online education for students, instructors, and administrators at all stages of the educational system

Jason's Machine Learning 101

programming, AI, artificial intelligence, ML, guide

The culmination of almost 2 years of head banging, so you don't have to. The one stop shop to get answers to common questions you may have around Machine Learning: * What is it and what types of ML exist? * How does it work? * How can it be used? * Where is it heading?

SF LA B1/P1 What you need to know about

teaching, science, biology, physics, teaching materials

Mini revision guide on the foundations of the cells and energy topics for year 9

How to Spot & Support An Autistic Meltdown

autism, mental health, healthcare

A break-out guide for street medic and safety teams

Free Page Experience Tools (Core Web Vitals, HTTPs Usage, Safe Browsing, No Intrusive Interstitials)

engineering, developers, front-end, websites, internet

Tools and guides to help you design great user experience on your site - includes resources to check and track how well you're doing on some of the core metrics.

Investigating MaidenGate Claims

politics, USA, Trump, Biden, 2020 presidential election, 2020, news

#MaidenGate is a viral hashtag uncovering a peculiar type of abuse in our elections. Some married women vote in one state, under their current name, while someone—a political predator—casts a vote in that same state or a state which the woman previously lived under a previous or maiden name. This same technique may affect adopted persons, the divorced, people who changed their names and/or transgendered persons.

CaVolun Initiative - Rescue Ops #RescuePHCagayan #RescuePHTuguegarao

Phillipines, rescue, climate, disaster response, typhoon

Phillipines flooding in the aftermath of the typhoon Vamco. List of people who needs to be rescued, their numbers, and their status. please spread and kindly contact the rescuers if you can,

Request for Rescue - Region 2

Philippines, rescue, climate, typhoon, flooding, disaster response

A list of people who are requesting rescue during typhoon Vamco flooding. Regions: Linao East, Cagayan and Isabela

The Case for #RecognizeArtsakh, in Plain English

politics, Armenia, Azerbaijan, conflict, news

Background information about the recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Useful ADHD links

ADHD, resources

A list of resources about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Booze with heaters

London, travel, pubs, guide

A list of pubs in London with heated outside areas

Time Out New York: NYC restaurants and bars with heaters

travel, New York, pubs, bars, food, garden

A list of New York bars and restaurants with heated outside areas

Resources for understanding Cuba and the Revolution

geography, Cuba, Americas, travel, history, guide, socialism

The goal of this doc is to provide resources tailored to an anglophone audience that outlines a history and political analysis of Cuba that addresses some of the gaps in information that exist.

Xinjiang Info: Links

politics, China, Uyghur

Mass detentions and repression in Xinjiang: a bibliography 2020-21

jobs, ecology, biology, university, postdoc

Are you looking for faculty or postdoc positions in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology? This is an amazing community resource for 2020-2021 positions

All The Citizens: COVID-19 public sector contracts

politics, UK, 2020, government, budget, coronavirus, investigative journalism, open data

A list of all the contracts given by the UK governmend during the Covid-19 response