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Libertarian Fact Sheet

libertarian, libertarianism, ancap, anarcho-capitalism, anarchism, liberty, capitalism, communism

Resources for libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism

rodovĆ© sebaurčenie (self-id) research doc

rodovĆ© sebaurčenie

rodovĆ© sebaurčenie (self-id) research doc

HGXIV's FF14 Housing Resource Guide

games, FF14, HGXIV, Final Fantasy

FF14 housing glitch and design guide - inside, you will find an introduction to the Housing Menu, glitch guides and tips, and ways to optimize your experience while designing.


cryptocurrency, crypto, airdrops, rumors

Airdrop list spreadsheet

Comparing NFT Platforms

cryptocurrency, NFT, art

Here's a spreadsheet comparing 35 NFT platforms

FF14 Minimum Furniture Height Guide

games, FF14, Final Fantasy, items

Minimum furniture height guide

Fake News Filter

news, journalism, politics, fake news

Is there a good chance that what you're reading is fake news? Ask yourself the following questions and if the score is high, it probably is! This methodology is also useful for estimating a numerical rating of a piece of journalistic work.

BaaS - Open Source Info - Banks & Processors

finance, finTech, banking

Crowdsourced early debt/ABL/LOC providers in the market today

SERC Fellowships

fellowships, Smithsonian, environmental science, ecology

Fellowship program at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Random Lifting Program

weight lifting program

Random lifting program according to MythicalStrength ideas