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Film Budget Spreadsheet

A template with all the cost items like staff, wardrobe, special affects, etc. Can help you calculate the total needed for your production.

films, budget, template

Acct No Category Description Page Total

1000 Story and Rights

1100 Producers

1200 Directors

1300 Cast

1400 Above-The-Line Travel/Other

Total Above-The-Line

1500 Extra Talent

1600 Production Staff

1700 Production Film & Lab

1800 Camera

1900 Wardrobe

2000 Makeup and Hairdressing

2100 Set Dressing

2200 Props

2300 Art Department

2400 Set Construction

2500 Video

2600 Sound Recording

2700 Set Lighting

2800 Set Operation

2900 Facilities

3000 Special Effect

3100 Locations

3200 Transportation

3300 Second Unit

Total Production

3400 Editing

3500 Music

3600 Post Production Sound

3700 Post Production Film & Lab

3800 Titles & Opticals

Total Post Production

3900 Insurance

4000 Publicity

4100 Product Placement

4200 General Expense

Total Other

Total Above-The-Line

Total Below-The-Line

Total Above and Below-The-Line

Total Fringes

Grand Total

Film Budget Spreadsheet
Tags Films, Budget, Template
Type Google Sheet
Published 10/01/2021, 11:12:15


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