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Police Brutality Belarus

A list of resources about an ongoing crackdown on protesters in Belarus

politics, society, Belarus

Please, cover the REAL situation with protests and police brutality in Belarus. We are dealing with unimaginable cruelty and brutality of the police and internal troops.

Attached you may find the videos that show the unprecedented police brutality. OMON, Internal Forces, The General Administration for Traffic Safety are beating random people, shooting with rubber bullets at random women in the cars, they are brutally detaining people on the streets, inhumanly treating them in the detention centers (if you have Russian speaking people, they can help with translation of this video, summary - young people are packed into 10x10m cells, they don't receive any food for 2-3 days, there is only one water tap per cell, families bring packages with bread and sausages, socks, toilet paper, toothbrush but employees of temporary detention center ignore them) and constantly beating at different stages of detention.

Families have no idea where the detained are being kept, lists with detained people are announced irregularly, some detained are moved between different temporary detention centers. Emergency cars are leaving temporary detention centers because of a brutal beating. Who is detained? Those who had no intention of participating in the protests: they were caught on gas stations, just on the roads while driving, on the streets, in the grocery stores.

Hundreds of people are starving in tiny cells, detained girls are asking for food and being told "I will teach you, *&%$#@, whom you must vote for".

Hundreds of people are being tortured by OMON in detention centers right now. You may open this link (that's an official Belarus news portal) and listen to the recording the volunteer made at night at the walls of the isolation ward. You will hear how people are screaming.

"v1" - OMON is shooting at women in the car. SHOOTING. AT. PEOPLE!!!! (August, 11th)

"v2" - The General Administration for Traffic Safety is beating the biker. (August, 11th)

"v3" - OMON and The General Administration for Traffic Safety (August, 11th) are actively attacking cars: they are pulling them over, dragging people out, beating, and then hitting cars (mirrors, glass) with batons.

"v4" - You may see how the police vehicle (with tinned glass) is bumping into a random car:

5. Article and videos from our main news portal on brutal treatment in the detention centers (Oktyabrski ROVD, District Department of Internal Affairs)

"v5"!!! - OMON is brutally beating bikers, August, 11th.


"v6" - OMON is shooting at people peeking out of their apartment windows near main protests areas:

"v7" - you may see that a huge military car is standing near hit civilian car and OMON is detaining people inside. There was a family inside with a little girl, the girl was injured. -

"v8" - OMON throws a stun grenade at the ambulance car (August, 11th).



Casualties from rubber bullets and stun grenades

Telegram channels for references - they are the main source of news where people share videos and images regarding current protests:

Police Brutality Belarus
Tags Politics, Society, Belarus
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Published 22/11/2020, 17:10:12


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