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📋 recommendations - 🟧Sourceful


fanfiction, recommendations, list, ao3

A list of recommended DNF fan fiction works

History Podcasts by Historians

podcasts, history, learning, recommendations

If you're looking for a new history podcast to listen to, check out this list of history podcasts by historians! And if you are a historian with a podcast, please add your show!

Podcast* Recs Super Sheet

podcasts, audio, recommendations, media

Podcasts Recs Sheet: Crowd-sourced podcast recommendations, multi-genre and form.

Fanfic: Categorized and Easily Referenced

fanfiction, fanfic, catalogue, list, recommendations

Over the last few months I have catalogued, with tropes and tags, all the fanfic I've read. Need a fluffy one bed fic? Or a no smut casefile? A post episode story? Hopefully, this can help! Over 800 stories and counting...

Shiru's Ultimate Shinzawa Fic Rec List

fanfiction, fanfic, ao3, recommendations, Shinzawa

Shinzawa fanfic recommendation list from @shiru_desu

"Must reads" for women in academic research

books, recommendations, gender, feminism, science

Interested in perusing the books that were recommended as "must reads" for women in academic research? Here it is! Please add. The problem is there are too many! I added a column so you can add recs if there are ones that particularly spoke to you!

Killling Eve Fanfiction List

fanfic, fanfiction, Killing Eve, list, recommendations, ao3

A list of top tier Killing Eve fanfics to keep you entertained - includes summary, word count and rating

Maddie's Trans Girl Romances List

romance, books, recommendations, sex stories, LGBT, trans

A list of all the romance books and short stories featuring trans girls I could think of. Feel free to recommend more if you know any

The 8 Best Mini Stoves for an RV or a Tiny House: Comparison & Reviews

mini stove, small wood stoves, tiny house, reviews, buying, recommendations

Are you looking for a small wood burner for a shed, RV or boat? 🔥🔥🔥 Small log burners are ideal for compact living spaces and can be quite powerful with a decent heat output. In this doc we're comparing 8 popular small wood stoves and give general guidance about what you should be looking for when choosing your ideal mini stove.

The Hugo Awards (2021)

books, science fiction, HugoAwards, recommendations

Hello, #HugoAwards friends who are nominating. Here is a spreadsheet to find cool things to check out, remind you about what was released over the last 8,264 years of 2020, and add stuff you love that's not listed yet!