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🖥️️ freelance - 🟧Sourceful

The Freelancer Rate Calculator

freelance, remotework, data, finance, budget

The Freelance Rate Calculator - Take 10 minutes and figure out your hourly / daily / weekly rate

Companies Hiring During Corona Crisis (

jobs, developers, technology, recruitment, freelance, freelance work, I hate my job

Helping job seekers & companies during challenging times

Survival Guide for WFH Parents with kids at home too (open source)

coronavirus, freelance, teaching, parenting, teaching strategies

With schools closing to support efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, parents are now rapidly switching gears into full-time parenting plus full-time work mode. This is an open-source doc to gather ideas for those attempting to stay sane working from home, while also keeping the kids productive / entertained / not get into too much trouble ;)

The Big Artist Opportunities List

art, music, freelance

A list of gigs, residency, grants, stipends available to artists world wide

900+ Startups hiring Remotely in 2020 - by

startup, jobs, career, remotework, freelance, freelance work, I hate my job

Find the best remote job

Freelance Reporting Resources

freelance, journalism, remotework

Pitch advice, source databases, and online tools. I also added my own organizational tips and pitches that have worked. I hope this helps!

275+ Enrichment Activities for Children While Parents are Working Remotely

coronavirus, freelance, parenting, positive parenting solutions

150+ Enrichment Activities for Children While Parents are Working Remotely

Services for freelancers

freelance, WorkerTech, platforms, banking, insurance

List of companies providing services to freelancers. #WorkerTech Feel free to add the ones you know and discover new ones. ???

Ideas for Quarantine/Social Distancing

coronavirus, freelance, parenting, positive parenting solutions

GIANT LIST OF IDEAS FOR BEING HOME WITH KIDS ( for: actual quarantine, school closures, weekend social distancing, anytime!)Thanks to the Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder Community for the amazing suggestions!!

The One Club for Creativity - COVID- 19 Open Positions in Advertising and Design 2020 (Responses)

freelance, jobs, creative, media, marketing

A list of full-time and freelance work in design and advertising

Artist Resource Links

art, resources, freelance, education, inspiration, tutorials

A list of resources for artists. Tips, tutorials, job sites, inspiration & reference, self-care and many others

Sample Contract for Freelance Illustration

freelance, template, contract

A contract template for freelance designer/artist

Available Digital Freelancers

freelance, jobs, recruitment

A list of available freelancers

Science media outlets to pitch

freelance, pitch, science, contacts

Media outlets that publish science stories, mainly U.S. and Canada, English-language; some Latin America

Football freelancers

freelance, contacts, sport, football

A list of freelancers covering football - writers, illustrators, designers and other

Resources for Remote Work - COVID 19 2020

freelance, coronavirus

Job listings, how to, advice, etc.

The NYT Styles desk freelancer guide

freelance, NYT

Some great recent stories by freelancers

The Public MMF Freelance Rolodex

freelance, jobs

Open source freelance rolodex - NYC, USA, International

Creative Industry Freelance Day-Rate (Responses)

salaries, freelance, creative

A survey of day-rates of freelancers in television, fashion, publishing, photography and other creative industries