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πŸ‘”οΈ jobs - 🟧Sourceful

Journalists Helping Journalists

journalism, pro bono, jobs, contacts, data

This sheet is for anyone in the Communications/Media industries willing to do pro bono work to help out other industry folk. If you're not a journalist, please specify what you do so there's no confusion.This is strictly career-adjacent work, not a way to advertise services for nonprofits.

Hand picked Remote Jobs from Hacker News Who is hiring - By RemoteLeaf

remotework, remote jobs, jobs, tech jobs

A list of high quality technical jobs found on Hacker News

Companies Hiring During Corona Crisis (

jobs, developers, technology, recruitment, freelance, freelance work, I hate my job

Helping job seekers & companies during challenging times

Animation/VFX/Game Industry Job Postings

jobs, animation, VFX, games, recruitment, remotework

New animation industry job openings all over the world, both freelance and in-house - updated daily

Career Resources

jobs, guide, resources, job hunting, resume tips, cover letter

Looking for a new job but not sure where to start or what the best practices are? Here is a list of resources of jobs sites, resume tips and more.

900+ Startups hiring Remotely in 2020 - by

startup, jobs, career, remotework, freelance, freelance work, I hate my job

Find the best remote job

The One Club for Creativity - COVID- 19 Open Positions in Advertising and Design 2020 (Responses)

freelance, jobs, creative, media, marketing

A list of full-time and freelance work in design and advertising

Startups Actively Hiring During COVID-19

jobs, startup, coronavirus

Startup jobs - engineering, marketing, design, ops, sales

How To Network Your Ass Off

student, jobs, networking, tips

Networking tips for students/graduates/job-seekers/anyone else who are looking to expand their network including during the time of limited social events. Includes templates for messages to send potential mentors, recruiters and creative directors.

Tracking Library Layoffs

coronavirus, libraries, jobs

Template to track libraries that are laying off staff, so we can organize to put pressure on elected officials to stop #librarylayoffs


journalism, jobs

A matchmaking document for journalists who are seeking jobs and newsrooms that are seeking journalists. Check it out and share.

Inside The Newsroom Job Board

journalism, jobs

@DanielLevitt32's Inside The Newsroom job board

Getting a job in Animation

jobs, guide, animation, USA

This is meant to be as a small guide to help people who want to work in the Television Animation Industry in the United States

Co-Vid & Social Protection for Gig Workers / Tandem Research: PUBLIC

coronavirus, corporate responsibility, gig economy, jobs

Now, with Covid-19, many gig workers are without regular sources of income, nor any clarity on when work might resume. Others, continue to provide essential services during this crisis, risking their health and safety. It is critical that platforms assume certain responsibilities or obligations towards the wellbeing and protection of gig workers. With this tracker, we at Tandem Research are documenting the various social protection measures offered by platforms as well progress on implementation, in India and globally. We will be updating this regularly, as move into the next phases of this crisis. If you have any additions, recommendations, or would just like to chat, please email us at [email protected]

Ask A Manager Salary Survey 2019 (Responses)

salaries, data, jobs, USA

How much money do you make? Anonymised sheet with various professions - US focus. Be patient when loading - it's a big doc

Bio/Biomedical Graduate Programs Dropping GRE Requirement

jobs, graduate, healthcare, biomedicine

Here's the current list of bio/biomedical graduate programs that dropped, or plan to drop, the GRE

πŸ’ΈReal Media Salaries πŸ’Έ

journalism, salaries, jobs, media, industry specific

A crowdsourced sheet with salary data points by type of a company, gender, years of experience, etc. Talking about how much or how little money you make feels taboo, and it shouldn't. Knowledge is power and Glassdoor info is hit or miss. Wouldn't it be great to know what your peers make so you can use that to leverage a raise? Or if your company does a "market adjustment" yet you don't see the data, wouldn't it be great to know how accurate it is or isn't? So, let's share what we make and any relevant info to help each other learn our worth! 2020-21

jobs, ecology, biology, university, postdoc

Are you looking for faculty or postdoc positions in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology? This is an amazing community resource for 2020-2021 positions

An Open Letter to Playwrights Looking for Income

theatre, coronavirus, jobs, advice

An open letter to playwrights and others in theatre who are looking to make extra income via copywriting and advertising during the coronvirus lockdowns

πŸ’ͺThe Ultimate COVID Job Resource Stack

coronavirus, jobs, resources

A list of the best resources on the internet to get a job right now

#GameDevJobs 2020

games, jobs, programming

A huge list of great game studios looking to hire talented developers

European Tech Visas & Work Permits πŸ›‚πŸŒ (via

startup, visa, tech jobs, jobs

European tech visas & work permits - including costs, requirements and processing time

PAID internships for undergrads in ecology

jobs, ecology, guide

This list includes PAID jobs for undergrads/recent grads in Ecological fields (mostly US/Canada based). This list is poorly maintained by Anna Boegehold.

Experimental artists available for online work

music, jobs, remotework, wfmu bill xname

Artists within the fields of experimental music(s) available for online based paid teaching/tutorial/advise work. Please support them during the covid-19 outbreak and spread the word!

1761 Remote Jobs From Companies Hiring Remotely - May & April 2020 (weekly updates)

jobs, remotework

Up to date sheet of remote jobs available for various roles

The Public MMF Freelance Rolodex

freelance, jobs

Open source freelance rolodex - NYC, USA, International

Available Digital Freelancers

freelance, jobs, recruitment

A list of available freelancers

Companies Hiring in US (powered by LeadSift)

jobs, hiring, recruitment, USA

Companies Hiring in US